Three hours to go

Woke up in tears, shaking and feel sick. I really have no positive thoughts. I just can’t find them. I’m not thinking about me, but what I might end up putting everyone else through. Don’t even want to think of my daughters, my fiancé. I need to dig deep, be strong. So why can’t I find that?? In three hours time, three weeks of sheer torture of not knowing, will be resolved. One way or another xx

Hi dizmoo my appt is at 12. I feel exactly same, constant stomach churning and want to be sick. I dont feel positive about outcome either and am struggling to hold things together.

Wishing u very best of luck and keeping things crossed we both have good news xxx

Hi Dizmoo


I know how you are feeling, it really is the waiting that is the worst time. Just think that in 3 hours time you will have some answers and know what you are dealing with. I think we all feel sick and shed tears thinking about the outcome.

I will be thinking about you please post later and let us know how you get on, we are all here for you and will do our best to support you. It is sometimes better sharing your thoughts with people that have experienced the same as you.


Take Care


Hi Dizmoo
Am in exactly the same position … appointment at 10.00am … I have never felt so afraid … its such a long time to wait … my thoughts are with you and everyone in our position today xx

Sending lots of love and positivity your way today diz. We’ve all been where you are now so can sympathise totally with how you are feeling. Really hope the outcome is the better one xxx
Please post later to let us know how you get on. I’ll be thinking of you.
Lots of hugs and love

Well I’m back!! Had a mammogram and ultrasound. They don’t know what the breast pain is and the lump … Well it’s a cyst!! In fact I have two!! I have no cancer and I really can’t believe it. Have never been so relieved in my life!! Thank you so much to everyone on here and the person i spoke to on the phone help line. For anyone who’s written themselves off, I’m proof that it can turn out ok xx

Fab news! I also had good news in that mine was a milk cyst which has now been drained. I will never take anything for granted in life again either.

thank u also to the lovely ladies sharing their stories on here, u r strong and inspiring to us all xxx

That’s fab news also!! Phew, so glad we are ok. Xx

Hi Dizmoo
That’s great news I am really pleased for you.
Take Care of yourself.
Angie. X

Awe dizz that’s fantastic news.
So very happy for you.
I just know life is glowing again for you.
Lots of love