Three Years down - still counting!

Yippee, three years and still clear. Funny how you can push it to the back of your mind until the anniversary comes around. Walking at least four miles every morning, getting quicker so must be getting fitter. Paranoid about what I eat and taking vitamins, but hey, if it works.
Good Luck and love to all

Really pleased to hear a positive post from a triple neg lady. Good for you .I also am worried about everything i eat though going through chemo at the mo seem to be eating lots of rubbish.Worry about having alchol too altough only have a quarter of what i used to have.
Long may your results continue to be good .Really pleased for you .Love Sharon xxx

Always nice to read about a fellow triple neg lady doing well after treatment- Congratulations!!
Stay well :slight_smile:
tina x

Congratulations Nonny 3 years is significant indeed for triple negs.I am tn and my 5th anniversary was yesterday-a day I never expected to see :slight_smile:

good news nonny (and horace).


Not x3 neg… but happy to report 4 year rebirthday yesterday .A kind of “phewyippee” kind of event.I still get so stressed on leading to tests.
Under knife on Wed to get LD flap finished off. Really hope this is it!
Love and empathy

So good to hear from ladies a couple of years plus down the line - as TN gets such a bad press most of the time!


Jo x

…and I’ll be eight years clear of my tn diagnosis just before Christmas.I found the lump on 17th nov and went straight to my gp - then had to wait a month for my mammo and biopsy and almost another month for the op! I was told they’d caught it in the nick of time due to the massive amount of vascular invasion, infact I wasn’t expected to get through chemo without it returning!!.. then I was told I had a 35% chance of 5yr survival. Well I’m not only surviving but still ned! A lifetime vegitarian,I went dairy free and took up walking. I don’t know if thats the reason I’m still here but it sure gave me peace of mind especially in the early days to know I was doing my bit as the only advice I had at the time was to eat well and to go out there and enjoy my life. May my luck rub off on all you ladies out there.
Josie x

I am also TN, being diagnosed last Dec, being told high rate of recurrence, but many thanks to those who gave me a positive side. I am also stick to special diet, i.e. vitamin rich (but no supplements), almost dairy free, meat free diet. I also started walking around 2miles every day.

Lovely to read some positive comments about tnbc. It must be easy when things are going well to move on and not use the forum. Thank you ladies. I have just finished treatment. My energy levels are very low after rads. Any tips on using an organic hair colour. ~i do try to walk every day. I used to go to gym and eat a healthy diet before the diagnosis

Hi have a close friend who is just coming up to 6 years TN grade 3 and ned and has had no reacurrances .


Hi butterfly, I’ve been using Herbatint since my hair came back and would recommend it to anyone. Not only has it kept my hair in good condition and covered all the greys, but it looks very natural.I use the light ash brown which comes out mid/dark brown.
Josie x