Throat ulcer due to chemo - anyone else had this?

I have an ulcer in my throat apparently because of the chemo. It is excruciatingly painful. I can’t eat a thing, even drinking is pretty agonising. It is stopping me sleeping too. I’m taking codeine and ibuprofen as well as using a variety of mouthwashes, salt gargles etc.

Has anyone else had this? How long does it last? Any miracle cures?

My wife used a paracetamol syrup that she got from the Christie hospital. I think it contains a local anaesthetic as well at the paracetamol. She found it very effective for some really bad throat ulcers she had with Taxotere.

Of course, you shuld be keeping an eye on your temperature as well (before taking the syrup if you can get some).

Hi Pennies

Pineapple, fruit and juice - got through buckets of it during chemo, it was a tip given by others and really helped. Good luck.


Hi Pennies - i’ve had a real sore mouth with ulcers and thrush, folks on here suggested Gelclair sachets. i can’t vouch for them yet as i’ve only just got them - the pharmacist had real bother sourcing them - but lots of people recommended them. Good luck - i’ve had a week from hell so i know exactly what you’re going through.


I suffered from oral thrush in both my mouth and throat, to the point where I couldn’t swallow anything. I was prescribed diffucan suspension by my gp. The pharmacist ordered it in specially for me as t is normally only stocked in tablet form. This seemed to help a ot. Don’t know if it will work with ulcers though.

At the hospital I had chemo at - part of the standard package with FEC and Taxotere was Difflam - a mothwash to use to helpprevent problems in the mouth, also antifungal and antibiotic tablets to take from day 8, i still got thrush and on one ocassion very badly down my troat, i learnt to take the medicationearlier as soon as thrush started to appear. I was also given Nystan which made me nauseaus and I think I also had something else after that which helped. You have to speak up, I don’t think I always did but there are different things they can try.

my chemo tablets at one stage give me a terribly sore mouth and i too had numerous mouthwashes, i couldnt eat or drink properly for two weeks. my chemo nurses have since prescribed something called gelclare which you use an hour before food to protect your mouth, it works well. x