Throbbing arm

Hi i’m 5 weeks post auxiliary clearance. just been for a countryside walk, took 2 painkillers before i went, have bad cording, nice stroll not to hard used to hill walking etc., rested my arm most of the time in my pocket, as we ended the walk and now as i type my upper arm is throbbing, i mean throbbing, what did i do wrong?

Hi Supersue
I’m full node clearance and six years clear. It is early days even if you are use to walking so that can cause the aching.However, I have lymphodema now and find I have least problems if I walk with a pole. I keep it quite long which hold the hand in a more horizontal sort of position. I get much less swelling and therfore much less aching. Walking with your hand in your pocket keeps it still and low down which for me causes swelling.
After walking now I try to rest for a while horizontal, easy usually because we have a campervan or sit with your arm up on the back of your chair or settee.
It is all trial and error though.
Good luck.