Tidy up op anxieties

Hi all,

I am finally going in this week to have a tidy up of my ld recon with expander.
I am to have liposuction to the side where there is excess fat, and replace the implant with a silicone one. Also with the fat extracted my ps was going to fill in a slight dent on the top. He also said he would move implant over.

However, the slight dent is hardly noticeable now, and i think i would be better off leaving it. What i am worrying about is, will it look worse than it did before. Also, I know the port has to come out, but are silicone implants really softer than the becker implant which is saline filled?
Any words of wisdom? I,ll let you know how i get on.
Rosie x

Hi ladies,

Just posting this for anyone about to have the same.
Had my implant change and liposuction to the side 13 days ago.
He also smoothed out the top with lipo.
I stayed in hospital 2 nights, as I was still a bit groggy after the anaesthetic.
All went well, and now i have a better match as ps changed expander to a slightly smaller implant.
Pain wasnt too bad, just needed paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly for first few days.
I had my follow up apt at clinic yesterday, where they removed tape from underneath breast (I could have removed myself, but was a little anxious in case I disturbed anything).
Was bruised, but now just yellow!
They give you more exercises to do, which you must do to ensure full movement coming back in arm and shoulder.
No heavy lifting. Not driven yet, but plan to do so later today.
You need to feel confident to do an emergency stop (just like recon op really).
Good luck to all about to embark.
Rosie x

really pleased rosebud,im having ld flap in april can you tell me your experiance with this thanksx

Hi drabble, thanks for reply.

Had my ld op with expander in Oct 2009.
Was in hosp for 7 days. Had regular painkillers (bit stronger than latest op). The drains were taken out before i left hosp, but had to return a week later, and then twice more to have back area drained, but you cannot feel it as you are numb around there.
A physio came each day i was in hosp to do gentle exercises with me.
Two weeks after op, expansion started, 50mls first time and two weeks later second expansion, ano 50mls (for me the second expansion was too much as it was v tight and too big - in hindsight i would have opted out of this second expansion, or had a lot less put in).

I was driving after 4 weeks (but it was a r/side recon). If you are having left side done, you may need longer, as you do more ie gear stick/hand brake.

My back ached for a few weeks, and I didn’t have much energy for about 5 weeks, but it slowly came back.
I got extra physio. Even though i did my exercises 2 or 3 times a day, i felt i needed that extra push, even though i was progressing. She gave me different exercises and manipulated my arm gently, and i,m so glad i went.

I,m really glad i had the op, and i’m sure you will be. April isn’t long off, and then you will have the summer to look forward to with two boobs!

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
Rosie x