Tight Mastectomy Scar

I had a bilateral mastectomy back in July 2009 with a quick recovery and no problems. However, I woke up a few days ago with a very tight chest and at first thought I might have a PE. I now think it’s more superficial and it feels like my mastectomy scar (especially on the left side) has tightened up and my chest looks a bit more sunken. It usually eases off somewhat during the day but can be quite tight at night when I’m in bed. I wasn’t advised to do any special exercises to prevent this post-op (apart from the usual ones) and I do apply bio-oil to the scars twice a day. Has anyone else experienced similar, and especially so long after the initial surgery??

Caro x

Hi Caro

MI was mxed in Sep 08, the scar has changed many times. After post op chemo it changed gradually and the puffiness went down, it did get tighter (turns out we are supposed to massage the scar tissue to help it along, stop it sticking to undelying tissue and so on did not know this until recently - duh!) Mine now has lmps and bumps int it and is still a horrid pink colour, apparently normal all the same. I has definitely depressed in parts but is puffy in others. BCN said that as fluid in the chest area dries up and fat settles it will continue to change.

Good lucl

Love Jane x

I had my MX in Nov 08 and like you initially had no problems and my arm movement was good.

The scar has tightened up though and I have been lucky enough to have had physio and scar massage almost ever since the operation and yet it is still tight, feeling like its going to split open when I stretch my arm doing different movements.

I will continue with the scar massage, as Jane says it is meant to be useful and will continue to rub almond oil in - this is what the radiographers said to use after rads.

Good luck and hope you continue to make a good recovery.