Tight pulling scar - any suggestions?

I am nearly 5 weeks post radical mx.  Although the scar has healed well, the skin above it has always felt ‘sunburnt’ as it’s pulled very tight.  Now the area is becoming less numb I have a constant dragging and pulling sensation.  I can deal with this during the day when I can keep busy, but it is bothering me a lot at night.


I am massaging the scar with Bio oil and E45 as much as I can bear with no muscle under the skin.  Has anyone else has experienced this and found something that  helped?  Equally, I’d be interested to know if I just have to suck it up and get on with it!

I am 7 weeks in to my mastectomy and I have the same tight pulling feeling. I do believe it gets a little better everyday however it is very bothersome and does cause some anxiety. I would love to know if anyone has any suggestions as well.

Thanks, Annie.  I’ll keep up the massage.  I am doing the exercises and am sure I would have almost full range of movement in my arm were it not for the tightness of my scar.  At least the phantom nipple pains are becoming less frequent now, although they are still quite breathtaking when they do occur ?

I had mastectomy in August 2013, and had the same problem. Mine was caused by adhesions, which I got help from Physio for. Special exercises were shown to me which I still do. They have really helped but it was hard to find out about  them.

If you want more details and info let me know.

Hi August.  Thanks for your offer - I’d love to know what the physio recommended, althought I am fairly sure I don’t have adhesions.  I am nearly 12 weeks post op now and the scar feels less tight.  I do get strange sensations around the edges of where my pec muscle was cut away if I clean windows or reach up very high with that arm!  I hope you are keeping well.  Tat x



Thanks, August, I am sure it will be really helpful to lots of people.  I am 10 rads into a course of 33, so I won’t be able to try anything that might put my skin under stress for some time.  Once I’m healed I’ll come back and have another look.  Take care, Tat x

Hi Tat, hope the rads go ok and and that things gradually improve for you, sorry my post was so long but wanted to give full info,
Hope you feel better soon.

Don’t apologise for helping, August. The way women further down the line keep popping in to offer advice and encouragement is what makes this forum such a support xx


Hi wavy locks, I hope it goes well for you it certainly has helped me and I have almost no restrictions at all now in the scar and in the right arm and chest area. It is definitely worth persevering, I would be interested to hear how you get on. Have you got access to a local physio who specialises in this.? It is worth paying for a half hour visit to check that you’re on the right track.
I do Nordic walking now most days to keep upper body fit too. I found out how to do it on The web and just use ordinary walking poles and walk the fields around where I live.
Look forward to an update in due course. Good luck August 13?