Tightness after LD flap reconstruction

My wife has experienced cording and tightness in her upper arm/shoulder/new boob and upper back since her LD flap reconstruction 6 years ago.  As we were told at the time that the only significant after-effect of the op would be if she played tennis, swam breast-stroke or rowed, it came as a surprise to find that in fact it has left her with a very weak upper back and shoulders, to the extent that she is unable to perform many normal daily tasks.


We have consulted her surgeon several times about this, but on the last occasion the best he could do was to say “It shouldn’t be like that” and refer her to a pain doctor who was basically no help whatsoever.


Since then, she has been seen by both consultant orthopaedic surgeons and neurologists to whom our GP referred her, and we have lost count of the scans she has had (everything from whole-body nuclear medicine to CT brain via MRI of brachial plexus)  The scans revealed nothing of any clinical significance, and both consultants are of the opinion that my wife’s problems lie in breast surgeon territory.   We are therefore now hoping to see a different breast surgeon at a different hospital for a second opinion.


Has anybody else encountered very significant tightness and weakness after an LD flap reconstruction?

Hi you might have been better putting this post under the surgery heading to get more replies I only noticed your post as it was under the latest posts heading yesterday. I had LD 3 years ago and had quite severe tightness the things I found that have helped is daily stretching such as basic yoga and arm over head side stretching, using light weights for my affected arm and daily massage. I think it is important to keep active I have had 5 surgeries now including a Tram flap 12 weeks ago where my LD muscle was moved again so i have more tightness but  continue to stretch every day and massage using facial release. I do this myself and sometimes get my husband to do it yes it is excruciatingly painful but you have to do it daily in order to get long term benefit by releasing the scar tissue. I don’t know if you have seen the Marnie Clark video on YouTube but I found this helpful. The pain may also be coming from nerve damage which I did have at the beginning 5 years ago along with cording after lymph node removal though this eventually settled with the help of physio but I do now have lymphoedema also to cope with. Here is a link to the video and you should do it daily it is painful but eventually will be less as the scarring releases.