tightness and pain 6 months after mastectomy


following mastectomy and lymph node removal six months ago i still have lots of tightness and discomfort around scars and underarm area, can anyone advise if theyve experienced same and if it gets better. I know its a long process ive just finished chemo and about to start radiotherapy in may, im also having the 3 weekly injections, but this is really getting to me. Thanks

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Yes, pretty normal - I had mine in mid Sept with LD flap. If you put lots of Bio oil on the scars it really helps and general massage it in to the sore area, it relieves the pain a bit. Lots of physio exercises too will help. The fact that you have had rads won’t help either, keep using the aqueous cream as if it is going out of fashion! Any questions please feel free to PM me.

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HI reds, I didn’t have a mastectomy I had wle but I had my lymph nodes removed under my arm. I had my op Feb 2014 and my scar is still tender and lumpy. I am told this improves with time. I rubbed bio oil on religiously and I must say the scar is not really visible now. I have the lumpyness in my case is a few small oil filled cysts on the scar tissue,which I am told is normal. I have seen the ultra sound and am happy about it. So don’t worry too much it takes a long time and things should improve slowly.

Hi reds have you got any problems keeping your arm straight and raising it above your head. Yvonne

Had mx in august last year with immediate reconstruction - still get a lot of tightness use bio oil, and e45lotion, feels like skin needs a continual drink! Hope that helps 



Hi there. I had a left masectomy and lymph removal in june. I get constant pain in my non breast electric shocks and aches numbness down my arm. I am awaiting reconstruction. Hope this settles you a little they told me this is normal x

Did you have pain continous after the refills x