Tightness around the back

I had an LD Flap mx with immediate reconstruction and was soooo lucky that I didn’t have to have any treatment or medication after the operation apart from paracetamol. That was 9 months ago. I am more or less back to normal, but obviously don’t over lift. I was wondering if there is anybody out there that can tell me if the tightness in the back remains for life or, it goes eventually. If it does disappear eventually, how long can I expect this to happen. I do my excersises regularly. By the way I’m 67 but very active. PS good luck to everybody out there that are about to or have had a mx. Stay strong but be kind to yourself. Love Kathy

Hi Kathy,
I had a mx with immediate LD recon in January 2012 and I still have tightness in my back. Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to get much better but it is bearable. I was at a specialist physio for cording in my arm and she also did some massage on my back. She said that the tissue was actually fairly loose and that the scar tissue wasn’t too badly ‘stuck’. I asked her if it would pretty much be like this forever and she pretty much said it would be. I have to say though that I do think it has got slighly better than it was initially - but then maybe I’m just getting used to it as my new normal.
I also have a fairly persistent itchy back which I can never seem to satisfy no matter how much it is scratched. It is weird… Physio reckoned that was probably nerves knitting back together.
Anyway I do hope your back eases off. You may fair better than me as I haven’t been doing my exercises daily - running around after my two young kids and often forget!

Hi Loubel, thank you for replying so quickly. It’s such a comfort to hear that you’re not alone. I also find that if I’ve been exceptionally busy, the tightness is worse. Maybe it’s natures way off telling you to ease up. So luck to be here though. My heart goes out to all those unfortunate people that are not as lucky. Thanks again. Kathy xx

Hi, I had a LD flap in April this year,with a expander. Id say the back gets a bit less tight as the fluid drains away from around the wound. Yes i agree think it becomes the new normal and when i remember to do my exercises it feels better. Hope that helps. Paula

Hi all,
My back still feels tight at times, especially if I have been standing for a long length of time, or sitting/sleeping in a funny position. But the new normal is probably what we have to accept, as if I think about it, it always feels that way, I have just got used to it. And anything more than that will be a bonus.
However, I may not be a good person to ask as I only had my recon in Nov 2012, so its only 6 months old therefore I can’t speak for the long term effects. However, my goodness does it sometimes have a scratch I just can’t itch. Loubel - I so know what you are talking about there. Its so weird isn’t it!!
I’m just dealing with new nipples, but thats a whole nother story!!

I had a mx with immediate LD flap reconstruction in October 2012. I still find my back tight and I don´t have as much strength in my arm. I too find that my back itches like mad. Also, every now and then, my shoulder clicks and hurts just for a second. I went back to work full time at the beginning of January, I do wonder if it was too soon. I find myself getting teary & quite depressed & I wonder if really, I should have had time to come to terms with everything: it was all such a shock.
I’m now waiting for a nipple & tattoo, but wonder if it is worth even more surgery instead of going on holiday with my husband & children. So many decisions!

Hello capital i have just had my breast LD flap reconstruction on the 4/6/2013 and reading what you have said makes me feel a bit better. I have got a bit of ache in between my shoulder blades i am hopefule that this will ease. Good luck with your recovery reading some of the other ladies comments i think it is all about time and how we personally manage the down and up having this space is excellent. Im very much still in the tearfull stage take care of yourself