Time between diagnosis and op

This has been eating away at me for some time now. I was diagnosed in June last year and op was scheduled for July, but pre op assessment showed my bp was way too high. It took till mid August for them to get that sorted and then I had to wait till late October for the op. When I got my results they told me it was grade 3 not grade 2 as the original biopsy showed and I still wonder if the delay was a factor

Hi Taz123,

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Hi Taz,


welcome to the forum. Yes these little questions niggle away at us dont they? 

I was missed for a whole year after being yold i hadnt got bc! When i went back I had quite a large tumour, but was told that my bc is a slow growing onr!


i kind of beat myself up for not persisting and going back sooner, but in the end had to realise that what was past…was past, often there is no answer to these niggles, because noone knows. Xx


Best of luck with your treatment and for a very healthy future xx

At least now you are proceeding with a treatment planxx

Love and hugs, Moijanxxx

hi Taz,
It’s not unusual for the diagnosis to change between biopsy & surgery, others have reported this. Mine went from grade 1 to 2, so it could have happened anyway.
ann x

Thanks for the replies, I suppose it’s just something I’ll never know the answer to

Yes, you are right…keep plodding on and travel hopefully xxxx






Taz I went from a grade 2 at biopsy to 3 after surgery & wanted to know the answer to the same question, because I had turned down a mammo in the Feb after reading it wasn’t much good for premenopausal women, then found the lump in a May. Obviously I was beating myself up for not going.  Husband didn’t say a word, but I knew what he was thinking. They said would have been grade 3 from the start because I was HER2+, which is fast growing.  They said most tumours are mixed & the biopsy is very small, so must have gone through a grade 2 bit.  It’s really common to be up (or should that be down ha ha) graded after surgery.  I only had one biopsy where I was treated, but a lot of hospitals do a few because of this.  Good luck with your treatment. Xx

Thanks Bibi :slight_smile: I suppose I’m just angry that they made me wait so long for the op