Time to go for a bit

I have seen my gp today an found out from her that the reason they are doing my operation is that the cells have come back suspicious but probably benign. From being told I had no lump to this now has thrown me into dispair. I have decided to take a break from here until I know one way or other as being on here right now is doing my mental health more damage than good. When I know what I am dealing with one way or other I will be back.

Mum’s tumour has shrunk some more today and I am waiting to hear what surgery is needed, hopefully not the mastectomy.

Anyway thank you for all your support.

Jules xxxx

All the best Jules.
You are probably wise to take a break for the time being.
Its so easy to think one thing then another depending on what we read or hear and then those thoughts seem to stay in our heads popping up usually in the early hours of the morning.
Sometimes less info is better or at least less sources of info.
Really hope you have good results from the op.
lots of love
magsi x

Wishing you all the best, hope everything turns out well for you.
I am waiting for a hospital appointment and quite understand how you feel.
Take care Jules

Do what is best for your own health and if you decide to come back on line there will be someone here.

Take Care, keep positive

good luck jules, take care of urself and family. good news about yr mums tumour. i understand the fact u need to get away, im just back after about a week.
lots of love and bestest wishes

Sounds like good news. You seem to be improving your situation do what feels right to you. The internet either helps or makes things worse. Knowing which one it does is a good sign. I am happy for you and your mom I also wish your daughter the best. Go live your life and try to be happy no matter what.



Thanks Guys for taking the time to say bye to me. I will be back, but not until my head is sorted as hearing all the things that can go wrong etc. is totally worrying me, and instead of seeing the positives in bc recovery, like my gp, friends say, I am focusing on the negatives. Not good!

Maria and Jonnoj I will leave you a private message so you can get my email if you would like to keep in touch.

ps I crept on now as everyone is probably sleeping now lol

pps mums tumour has shrunk quite a bit more, BUT she was a bit let down today because she was given hope that if it shrunk enough it would be only a lumpectomy, now she has been told no matter what it shrinks to there still a good chance she will still need a mastectomy. She didn’t moan, she never does, but I could hear the disappointment in her voice.