How many times can you have chemo.

Your Oncologist can give you different chemos if you need them - I’ve had several and some have worked well and some not so well - they do worry that each time we might have more resistance to the chemo even through each one is a different drug. It’s good to know you can have a different chemo if one does not work too well and I’ve been well monitored -usually they scan every 9 weeks to see if the chemo is working or not.
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Hi UKRose

I’m not sure there is an exact number of times you can havde chemo. I think it will vary from person to person, depending on the type of cancer and all sorts of other factors.

Hope your treatment goes well.

Thats what i means, the cancer i have chemo is the only drug.

Hi UKrose

It is a terribly shocking diagnosis, however I hope that you get all the support you need from family, friends, the professionals and the people on here. I am now 1 year exactly from diagnosis and have most of the treatment behind me. I am back at work and am hopeful for the future. Chemotherapy is the standard for treatment and the FEC - T or FEC alone are normal for treatment. It is very daunting at first, however I hope that you can see from my post and that of others that it is doable, though at times, can be difficult. I wish you an easy journey. Take care, J.


There are lots and lots of different types of chemo - both the individual drugs and combinations that can be used. So you can have chemo more than once and have a completely different combination of chemo drugs each time.

Hope this helps