Timescales for Appointments?

Hi all, I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but I am trying to decide whether I need to have my screening privately. The situation is I found a lump on Monday night so went to the doctor on Tuesday - she referred me for a screening that will be within 2 weeks, apparently. The problem is I am going on holiday for a week this Saturday, and if they send me an appointment for while I am away I will lose it, have to go back to the doctor and be re-referred and wait another two weeks. The doctor did put on my referral form that I was not home until the 20th but I don’t know if this will be sufficient.


So, what I am asking I suppose is, do you think the two-week (or possibly fou- week) wait is quick enough in terms of catching anything in time that needs treatment, or is every day vital/critical in the chances of survival? Sorry to put it so bleakly but I would hate to think that I didn’t do the right thing if the worst happens and I could have prevented it.


I have no experience of this kind of thing and don’t know whether I should try and borrow the money from somewhere for a private screening before I go on holiday (i.e. tomorrow), or whether waiting a few weeks would really make no difference in the grand scheme of things.


Does anyone know what the best thing to do is? I’m just looking for some advice really as I am scared.


Thank you



Hi Meesh49

Welcome to the BCC Forum.  I’m sorry you find yourself with this dilemma.  You might find it helpful to call our Helpline to talk this over.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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Personally I think it’ll be okay as when you go for a mammogram they ask if you are going to be away during the following 3 weeks and fit you in accordingly. I was asked to go for second mammo 12 days post first, then waited 10 days to see consultant (I have got idc) and am now waiting 4 weeks for lumpectomy. You cud go on holiday and see which date you get, if you’re not happy, then go and pay. I don’t think one week is going to make much difference but there maybe others on here that disagree.

Hi Meesh49,

I was diagnosed back in November 2013. I work in the labs in a hospital and went to see some of my friends who worked in the path lab because I was so worried about the time scale for my op/treatment. The consultant pathologist I spoke to there said that a couple of weeks waiting for treatment would have no detrimental effect on my survival chances. It really did make me feel much better, so I’m fairly sure that this would be the same for your situation.

The fact that your GP has informed the clinic that you’ll be unavailable for the period of time when you’re on holiday should most definitely be taken on board by admin staff.

Hope that you enjoy your hols and when you come back all goes well with your appointment. I also hope that you never have to visit here as a fully paid up member!! All the best and take care Ann x x

Hi Michelle
you could have written that post for me! I had to be re refered due to a holiday. I have just returned from a lovely holiday in Egypt and have appointment on 26th. But think I may have had an even better holiday if I had paid privately for an appointment so I didn’t worry on holiday. Good luck to you x