timing of delayed recon

timing of delayed recon

timing of delayed recon Me again! Seem to have loads of questions all at once…
I had my mastectomy without immediate recon, currently having chemo so I know my recon can’t happen right away.
But the local guidelines seem to be to delay recon until 1st follow up mammo (don’t see how this would be relevant as affected breast gone and my mammo on that was normal anyway so won’t make anything on other breast clearer).
I dont want to wait as long as a year if it can be avoided.
Other ladies who had delayed recon - how long did you wait?

I’m seeing the plastic surgeon next week to discuss and would be great to have some experiences to draw on.

thanks again for listening and any advice on offer

delayed recon Hi Mandy
I had my mastectomy 2 years ago and am only just ready to go for reconstruction. I have thought long and hard about it as it is such a big op - I’ll probably have a diep flap as my surgeon says this gives the best, most natural results. A friend had hers after about a year and her friend had hers after 3 years, so I think if physically everything is ok then you can have it done when you want. I did meet someone who had hers done as soon as she finished chemo and the skin didn’t heal properly so she has quite bad scarring on her recon and her back. (It was something to do with how the chemo had affected the skin).
Good luck

thanks fantan thank you for useful info. I think I’m impatient! But scarring isnt top of my wish list after all this. The decisions are all quite tricky and it is really useful to have input from anyone who’s been through it.

It’s all so new, but i’m not sure I can come to terms with how my body is now.

i hope your op goes well and gives you a good result
best of luck

Hi Mandy,

I had bilateral mastectomy in Aug 2006 wasn’t able to have immediate recon as doctor didn’t know at that stage whether I would need chemo or not. I was lucky that I didn’t need chemo or rads but was told if I had have had either I would’ve had to wait at least 12 months after the final session before I could have my recon. I was referred a month after my mastectomy, I saw my plastic surgeon in October and I should hopefully be having my recon in May this year. I’m just waiting for the letter now for the actual date

I have the found the waiting really hard as I want the op asap, I’m having the LD recon where they take muscle and skin from the back use it on the front with an implant.

Hope all is well with you.


For Kaz hi Kaz
seems like 12 months is normal then. oh poo. I’m not even 2 months post op yet and can’t bear the wait either.
glad you didnt need chemo or rads, not having rads myself but the chemo is nasty. still can’t quite believe this is happening really.
i hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am wondering why you had bilateral mastectomy? Were both breasts affected or was the bilateral a choice for your peace of mind on the 2nd breast? Sorry if both were affected for you, that really must be tough one to deal with out of the blue.
I’m going to talk through having mastectomy on other side and recon done at the same time, seems drastic but the thought of going through this again scares me witless.
The recon options are complicated too - one minute i’m all for implants the next LD and then Diep - will see what the surgeon says on Tuesday.

thanks for your post - May isnt too far off - would love to hear how you get on - hoping all goes well for you.


Hi Mandy,

I had bilateral mastectomy on the advice of my surgeon, apparently I had DCIS and lobular cancer in my right breast and with lobular cancer I was between 50 and 60% risk of it developing in the left breast so hence bilateral.

I know May isn’t far off now but it seems to be a lifetime coming as I had my consultation in Oct last year

I will let you know when I get my actual date, hope Tuesday goes well for you

Take care

Hi Mandy,

Just thought I’d let you know I got my date for the reconstruction. I’m having it done on Tuesday 22nd May at the City General, Stock on Trent.

I am so excited, I just feel that after having this operation I can finally have some sort of closure.

Hope all is well with you, am I right in thinking you have your appointment with the Plastice Surgeon tomorrow (Tues), if so hope all goes well

Keep in touch


great news! Kaz I am really pleased for you. I think we feel similarly in that the recon gives us back a bit of what has been lost - who would have thought any of us would look forward to surgery huh?

yes I’m seeing the plastic surgeon for 1st appt tomorrow - will see what he says about timings and suitable type of recon - will report back on a new thread as may be useful to someone else. Getting my proper prosthesis (I hope) too tomorrow, and having a clarins pamper session at the cancer support centre - busy day ahead!

I’ll remember your date and be looking forward to hearing how it went.

really pleased you’re one step closer…

take care

this year! hi - again
reporting back after seeing the plastic surgeon today.
the verdict on type of recon - not enough tummy for one let alone two; could do lat dorsi but if doing both sides will be a fair bit of scarring to back - he suggested expander implants to be replaced with silicone later - and if I don’t like the result I can request lat dorsi later. I think the less invasive option sounds appealing right now, and also means a short stay in hosp (maybe even only one night) as opposed to a week. And I get the option to go back for the LD later if the result isnt as natural as I would like.
But the really fab news is that he will be happy to go ahead 2-3 months after end of chemo, so this side of Christmas - Oh I am sooooo pleased!

what a lovely man I could have kissed him