Timing of Surgery??

I was reading an article in a ‘icon’ magazine before. I get the magazine from this holistic cancer care place i go too.
Last mag i got has alot about BC in but one comment caught my eye.

Pre-menopausal women should have any operation in the second half of their cycle - it doubles long term survival (Guys Hospital).

This was never mentioned to me when i was having surgery for my lumpectomy or mastectomy. I suppose if they tried to do this it would muck up their waiting lists which i found were just TOO busy. However if this comment above is true we should definately be informed and it should be acted upon.

Anyone heard about this i would be interested to know. Comment from BCC would be welcome.


hi ruth,
i have heard something about this before…don’t know how they would of worked out my cycle though as i’ve had a hysterectomy.


I’d read something about it prior to my WLE but to be honest I just wanted to get in at the earliest date to get the operation over with - nothing was mentioned to me and it certainly didn’t coincide with my periods