Timing I am due to see the specialst again this Friday as they were
waiting for the results of a second biopsy on my left breast.

I have been given several senarios, but was just wondering
how much time you are given before making a final decision.

I have started to list all relevant questions in my case but do they expect you to say yes or no immediately or can you ask for more time

Any thoughts or comments would be great


whilst most surgeons seem to act swiftly-or that was my experience-l was still given time to come to terms with decision.After the surgeon went thru it in out pts clinic the breast nurse arranged to come and see me few days later and answered questions and made sure l understood everything.Its your body so take someone to speak up incase you are bit overwhelmed and brief them as to what you want-ie time to decide.
good luck for friday love sharon x

Good luck with your results Hi Trigg

I felt really under pressure with the first surgeon that I saw - he told me I had to book my op within seconds of telling me I needed an op. He had a breast care nurse and some woman with a diary in the room and one of them thrust a consent form under my nose and asked me to sign it, I refused.
The end result of this was that I got a second opinion - I was so panicked by this first meeting with the surgeon that I just couldn’t face him again. The surgeon I then saw did both my ops and whilst I got the impression that he would not permit dawdling he did make me feel a lot more in control.
I was very lucky as I had a dear friend with me and she confirmed that I was being bullied - if she hadn’t been there I might well have put the whole thing down to me suffering from shock and not wanting to hear the news.
Take someone with you - and don’t agree to anything during the meeting if you don’t want to - I don’t believe a couple of days make that much difference physically but they can sure help mentally. If you need surgery then so be it but with a little input from you - it’s your body.
I wish you luck and hope that all goes well at you meeting.

Kim x