Tingling and aching feet and hands

Can anyone suggest something for tingling hands and feet. I am in a lot of discomfort can’t sleep… Have trouble walking … Lots of pain. Is this normal when taking Taxotere for the first time. I am on my 4th chemo and this is my first dose of Taxotere so I am wondering if this is normal.


i think it is normal, ive had 3 tax and had much the same but i took paracetomol and ibuprofen to ease it off. also a soak in the bath helps, but i had a wheat bag as well but be careful you dont burn your skin, i dont think you can do much more. i had cocodomol and dihydracodeine for when its really bad, ask your doctor.

hope this helps,

angie xx

Stepz-How are your feet? Mine are really painful today. I don’t see anything wrong with my feet, they are just painful. Hope you are feelin better!