Tiny lymph node involvement but still scared!

Hi everyone,
I had a mastectomy last friday with immediate recon, came home after 3 days with drains in still draining so cant have them out yet but thats not such a big deal, i had 4 lymph nodes taken out but 2 of them were clear the other 2 had a tiny amount of cancer in they called it a micro metasis, I just want to know has anyone ever heard of it going to another organ first before lymph nodes? Does that sound a bit crazy or it possible! I dont have any symptoms to suggest this, and I had chemo first so it will be rads next i guess! It would be great to have some reassurance right now, I think I may be in a bit of post surgery fog at the moment and keep thinking the worst,
Best wishes Emma

Hi Emma

I had just come on here to ask about a similar thing when I noticed your post.


I had SNB on 19th June prior to having MX and LD reconstruction scheduled for 8th July. I got my results from that last thursday. I say got my results… actually the surgeon said something along the lines of “you are here to discuss your surgery which is MX, reconstruction and axilary node clearance due to the positive node being found” I think my eyes must have spun in my head because he then said “oh… you haven’t had your results yet?” He told me that 2 nodes had been removed and one of them had tested positive.


This was my first consultation with this consultant, my regular one doesn’t do the LD reconstruction so I have been switched and the majority of the conversation which took place with him was about the reconstruction surgery so I never really got the chance to ask him about the implications of the node involvement. All I know is that all the remaining lymph nodes are to be removed at the time of the MX and that he wasn’t overly concerned about any posibility of radio after the reconstruction.


When I was having the SNB, my consultant said that she was doing it as a precautionary measure but as both the tumours found were grade 1, she didn’t think that there would be any lymph involvement. The consultant I saw on thursday said that it was quite a surprising result. Whereas prior to getting the results I was feeling pretty reassured that being grade 1 was a real positive, I am now really quite worried.


The initial treatment plan was MX, reconstruction and hormone therapy… but now that ANC has been thrown into the mix, is this going to change? Has anyone on here had node positive and not had chemo or radio? I’m spending half my time thinking I want them to throw their entire medical repertiore at me and half the time hoping they don’t! Like you Emma, I’m wondering where else they might have escaped to?

Hi Emma


I had a tiny micro metastisis, less than 0.4 mm in size on one lymph when I was diagnosed nearly 2 1/2 years ago, it was a total shock as was too small to be picked up on the ultra sound. I remember driving myself crazy worrying if it could spread from that. My oncologist recommended chemotherapy even though there was only a very small benefit, but because I was fairly young (43) and the cancer had started to travel, albeit only just, she felt it would be beneficial, I had chemo and was glad I went through it knowing I’d done as much as could to stop the critter invading my body. However, I did phone the BCC helpline on more than one occasion when my anxiety about the micromet spreading got out of hand and they really put my mind at rest. In fact I do recall on one occasion being told that most oncologists do not consider a micromet as node positive. So I would say give them a ring, they’re so good and if you do, please let me know what they say. Even though I’m 2 years on from finishing treatment the worries are still there, so I would be interested what you were told. I should also say that you do move on, there is not a day goes by when I don’t think about cancer, but it is not all consuming as it used to be and my life is more or less normal now. Take care and keep your chin up. CC x