Tips to help us through this

I was scooting around the web, like you do, and I read this on the BCNA (Breast Cancer Network in Australia) website - and I thought I’d share it with everyone. Have a lovely day.

* Think about what you need to get you through this time.
* Recognise that these days the majority of women survive breast cancer.
* Be an active participant in your health care.
* Get the information you need to manage your health in the best way for you.
* Take one step at a time. Breaking down this experience into small pieces might make it more manageable.
* Ask questions - and make sure you understand the answers.
* Ask your doctors to write down the key points from each important consultation.
* Don’t rush your decisions.
* Speak up if you have concerns, worries or questions.
* Consider taking someone close to you to doctors’ visits and appointments to help collect, remember and collate the information you are given.
* Try to find a medical team that will work for and with you.
* Allow people to help and support you and your family -don’t be afraid to ask for help.
* Think about keeping a written diary or journal.
* Store your medical and financial records in one place.
* Be gentle on yourself - don’t expect too much, too soon.
* Try to focus on recovery.

Gud Day Sport!

You have been busy. Brilliant though and very practical. Have you swapped your irish coffee for Australian Fosters!! Hope your ok Quisie and are enjoying your weekend. I am always losing things so I did compile a ring binder folder of all the info I needed and wrote all my questions in there so take it with me to any appointmens etc and have found that very useful. I also carry with me one of those sanitising gel things (small one) as well as one in house. Speak soon and take care,



Sounds like good stuff to me.

Hope you are all well today.

God bless.


g’day you lorvely sheila you!

too early for fosters here, settling on the vino until after the barbie :wink:

i ordered me the “primary resource pack” from these wonderful people ( ) and, you know what sport? it’s real bonza. Got a smashing ring binder, A5 size with loads of info, places to jot down notes, polypockets - even a pen to write with! It’s a plain green too - so nobody else knows what’s in it! I keep it in my “going to the hospital” bag, huge shoulder bag i bought for the purpose. In it i have baby wipes - doctored with tea tree oil and lavender oil, bottle of water ( i put 1/4 full water in and freeze it, top it up before i leave home and it stays cool all day), book to read, purse with just enough for the day, mints to suck and an MP3 player.
My sister recommended the gel thingy too for when i go for surgery - and not to let anyone near me unless their hands are clean.
Have a great day, Julie, speak later x

all’s well here thanks Christay, hope you’re doing good too - all the best for tomorrow. Bless you too, hugs x

Hi again

Primary resource pack really does sound bonza, will order one thanks for the tip. Good idea about the water as well, might do that and put some pineapple juice in and have during the chemo as told pineapple helps with mouth ulcers etc also if have something like pineapple ice lolly, ice water during chemo think it is supposed to have similar effect as cold cap so reducing drugs around the mouth so may help reduce risk of ulcers etc, so going to do that next time on the 10th. I used the gel around my wound after SNB and District N thought it was a good idea. Must admit did have a bit of vino last night as have aunt and uncle some to stay over and new they would get me on it, took lots of arm twisting though!! Anyway think rellies are getting up so will speak later, have a bonza day mate,

Take care and have a great day as well Christay,



Pineapple is also very good for sickness - it’s the only thing i know that tastes the same coming back up as it did going down :expressionless:

Hi Quisie

Not heard of that one before, just made me laugh, hope I don’t find out and don’t plan on experimenting. I have a cupboard of tinned pineapple and lots of pineapple smoothie in fridge and use that to make lollies as well. Part of me feels like I am pregnant again, due to some of the diet restrictions and when I was pregnant I had a mad phase, couldn’t get enough of ice lollies. Soup as well, OH used get embarressed in shop as I would have about 30 tins of soup and 10 packs of ice lollies on conveyor thing.



I had to laugh at your comments about pineapple tasting the same coming back! It was recommended to me for sickness, although I threw it back up every single damned time, so it obviously didn’t agree with me !!

Julie xx

Oh my, yes, i can so understand the feeling pregnant again idea - when the chemo nurse was going through everything - i asked her whether this was oncology or obstetrics?!?
maybe i should wait until the cravings before i do a big shop :wink:
that won’t include pineapple though, cos i love it - so bet i go right off it!
thanks for the giggles
hugs to you both

Hi ladies
I am new to posting but have been reading since my dx in June. Having 2nd chemo on Weds and up to now not had probs with mouth ulcers. Good tips tho. I drank lots of water before, during and after first sess and think it really helped with not feeling sick will do the freezing this time. Think will give the pineapple juice a miss tho! Not sure which way I prefer the taste! Know what you mean about food restrictions…so glad had eaten pate and boursin cheese the day before! At least red wine wasnt banned but didnt quite taste the same for a few days!
Missi x

Fresh pineapple has an enzyme in it which helps stave off mouth ulcers infections when on chemo. It also apparently has something else in it which helps your mouth retain moisture and keeps saliva from going thick and gooey! It works too!