Tired beyond belief

So I know I am a member of the wide awake club but today I feel totally exhausted not had any treatment yet so not sure if this is ‘normal’ I feel if someone hugged me I would break not sure if I feel physically like this or mentally x but I really don’t like it ??

I get tired really quickly too (no treatment either). I want to go to bed by 7.30pm, and then I am wide awake from 1am onwards! Then I get up at 7am, then I have to sleep again by midday! I think our body clocks are just messed up with all of the stress! I am debating on asking for some tablets from GP to try and get things back on track! x

I am incredibly tired too and I’ve not started treatment yet or even had my mastectomy - that’s in a week and a half.  I,d love someone to look after me a little but unfortunately it’s just me and my 13 year old daughter, who can’t cook because in her words she’s too clumsy, can’t tidy up because she’s too busy resting after a busy week at school and can’t make me drink because she made me one a few days ago.  She’s just asked me what’s for dinner grrrr… 

The anxiety and stress keeps you awake in the early days , it’s very hard to get a restful nights sleep .Teenagers are so very selfish and you don’t have the energy to have a row over the lack of help do you ?Im Sure we were all the same at that age -life revolves around you !!! Need to pick your moments I guess to have the conversation about -you need to pitch in right now -what do you feel able to do that will help us both get through this difficult time .

Sleeping pills can be helpful just for the first couple of weeks .Otherwise it’s the 4am ,loneliest club in the world !!!

Tatted I not had surgery yet I feel the need to run around and organise everyone and everything in anticipation of surgery xx