Tired, fed up, sore & worried

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removed 10 days ago. It all went well although they said its location was challenging. I stayed in hospital for 5 days in all and the care was tremendous. I just can’t shake off this feeling of constant tiredness. The smallest activity wears me out just now. I’m still so very sore too and taking cocodamol and ibrupofen during the day. The drain that was in in hospital caused so much pain and discomfort and initially when I came home I felt much better but the last two days I’m very sore again. I think I may have overdone it yesterday making Sunday lunch but I was determined to do something normal; I’ve also started the week 2 exercises which may have aggravated things too I guess. My breast is lumpy - I have gone from not being able to feel the cancer to feeling these hard lumps around the scar areas ( my cancer was picked up in my right breast when they checked out something in my left, which turned out to be nothing). I’ve been through the threads on here and these lumps seem to be normal after the surgery. This whole thing is making me feel really fed up some days. I can be bright, breezy and positive in the morning and then a crying wreck by tea time. So not like me at all - I am rarely a crier. I’m worried about what happens next. Don’t get my results of it all until the 30th, but I know that I’m oestrogen and progesterone positive 8/8 and HER2 negative which my nurse says is great news. I know that my lymph nodes were clear too. This is all positive so why does it feel so overwhelming sometimes. 

It has all been a bit of a whirlwind from diagnosis to now so perhaps that’s why. 

Anyway. I’m glad this forum exists as I’m sure I’m not alone in all of this. I would be grateful for any shared experiences just to reaffirm I’m not going crazy with all of this. 

Thanks. Beth. 

Hiya Beth

I think everything you are feeling is ‘normal’… You’ve been through a really difficult time and had so much going on and it does knock the stuffing out of us. Just try to be gentle with yourself, rest when you need to, cook big dinners when you want to  ( but plan in rests and snoozes),  cry when you feel it coming. It does get easier, really. It’s very hard to step back from being a busy, creative women just to taking things more slowly and asking to be looked after, but it’s not a bad thing for those around us to look after us now and again. 

So, you are nor going crazy, you sound like a very sane woman who has had shocking news, had surgery and all that entails, including a GA, and is still waiting for results. Day at a time, girlie, and let yourself go through this gently. 

With love 


Dear Beth - I’m feeling for you darlin.

Please don’t underestimate what you have just gone through and please don’t expect too much of yourself too soon. It’s a massive major shock mentally and any operation with general anaesthetic is a physical shock to the body so takes some time to recover from. Coupled with that, you’re now home after 5 days of excellent sounding care with medics/nurses constantly on hand and are now back in the realms of reality at home. Do you have family at home or nearby to support you, or are you having to go through this on your own. Your desire to do something “normal” as in cook Sunday lunch is understandable, but Yes, it may have been too soon. Your painkillers, Co-codamol, can also make you feel tired and sleepy too. You may be able to step your painkillers down now to paracetamols or ibuprofen. Contact your breast care nurses if you’re not sure. 

Thats great that your doing your exercises. Go at them gently to begin with, but be strict to keep up with them as often as poss. Push a little bit more with each session. They make a huge difference to getting your mobility back asap.

Also, great that your lymph nodes are clear, that’s a big massive +ve bonus to feel relieved about, despite you having to wait two weeks for further results.

Are you having to take time off work as well ??

Overwhelming? - yes. Please be gentle with and easy on yourself and don’t expect too much too soon. None of what you are feeling is unusual to us. I’m not surprised, however strong a person you usually or normally are, that you are upset. Please allow yourself to be, because it IS upsetting and make it known to those around you, otherwise they don’t know, and I’m sure they want and wish to be supportive. You need as much understanding and support you can get right now.

Make it known on here too, because we all want to support you. This is somewhere you can freely voice your concerns with others who know. Have a rant, have a good sob, without any judgement, just understanding. We’re here for you.


Sending you a big looong hug flower

Delly xxx