tiredness again

hi guys, im post wle and snb in dec and finished rads end jan. i have had a couple of weeks where i dont feel too bad and was even contemplationg going back to work however this last week and now this week i an so tired and lethargic and sickly i dont even want to move. please tell me this does get better and how much longer its likely to go on
sue x

I hope so too as that is just how i feel this week. Could just fall asleep right now but have to collect my daughter from nursery in 30 minutes. I think i overdid things last week and i’m paying for it now.

Gina xx

I finished rads on 8th Jan and wasn’t feeling too bad but then, when I had my follow-up oncology appointment on 18th Feb, I felt so down and emotional. I think she thought I would be over it all by now. Anyway, three weeks on from that and I do feel much better now.

It is as if there is a further dip after rads. Even when you think you are picking up, be prepared to go down again for a couple of weeks.

I found the sunshine has really helped and my SAD lamp!

Hope you feel better soon.

Ann x

I finished rads on 24 November and went back to work on a phased return on 8 December. Mistake!! I felt so tired and ill the whole of December and most of January. I only work 19 hours a week, so its not as if I do full time. It is only now in the last week or two that I have began to notice the old me returning. Instead of only being able to go to work then scuttle straight back home to collapse in a heap, I can now meet a friend for lunch or check out M&S.

So tippy go back to work when you feel ready to and be as kind to yourself as possible, I learnt that the hard way. Our bodies have taken quite a battering one way or another and need to recover over time.


This is all quite normal but it does pass - honest!

I was diagnosed in July 07, had chemo, mx and rads and that all finished March 08, although I have bone mets so have continuing treatment for that. I tried to go back to work in Aug 08 but it was a no-go and I retired Feb 09. It’s only been since last Oct/Nov that I’ve started feeling more like my old self and less lethargic and not guilty about being retired early. My consultants have been great and said it can be the time after treatment that is hardest as it’s then you start to take in the impact of what you’ve been through - it’s sooo draining.

My mum had similar treatment to me 5 yrs earlier and had the same timescales and was similarly frustrated at the time it was taking to be back to ‘normal’. Plus someone told me it would take 18 months after rads to get energy back and that was right for mum and me.

Try to be patient and don’t do too much too soon - difficult but take it from someone who has been there !! Your body has taken a pounding, never mind your emotions.


How do I speak to my manager and explain that although I finished my rad treatment on Weds I’m not going to be ready to come back to work just yet, as I know that they are already thinking that I will be back soon?

I’m already feeling the strain of the treatment…went off to Tesco’s to do the shopping this morning and felt completely out of it this afternoon, had to lie down for a couple of hours to recover!

When will I start to feel anywhere near normal again?

phillippa x


When I was planning to go back to work, I decided to write everything down about the treatment I’d had and was still having and how it had affected me physically and emotionally. I gave it to managers and HR (and in the end because it was a nightmare and no-one seemed to be doing much - the union) and think it made them realise some of what I’d been through. It also helped me as well. You have to be honest about it and it’s too easy to get sucked into things again too quickly and harm your recovery in the long term.

I still get tired over 2 yrs after finishing rads and last week fell asleep in the bath on 2 occasions!!! My stamina has vanished but at last I’ve accepted I can’t do what I used to and that I have a new ‘normal’ lifestyle.

Think about yourself as priority.


Hi Sue
I’ve pmd you.

Hi everyone Happy Mothers day to all who are Mothers and a happy day to all those like me who aren’t.

I too have been feeling tired and constantly fall asleep whilst watching the tv. I had an mx and did not need radiation, the chemo would have only had a 3% chance of stopping it coming back so I thought the risk from the chemo outweighed the benefits it would bring.

Therefore I am wondering if it is the Arimidex causing the tiredness or is it the emotional sub conscious that is causing it. Does anyone have any ideas and if so when will it get better?

Love to all

pargayan - It could well be the tablets. Are you on calcium as well, as I think this can make you tired. Most likely, it is the after effects of the tremendous shock you have had. We tend to bottle it up until there is a ‘convenient’ time to let it out.

I do hope the better weather helps. Perhaps a walk in the sunshine might be good, even though it is probably the last thing you feel like doing.

Ann xx

Many thanks for your reply; yes I am taking the calcium tablets Ad-Cal on prescription, they do have another side effect of bunging you up, which cannot in itself help you feel well.

Mentally I think as you say we bottle things up and that can cause the constant feeling of tiredness, plus the constant worry whether it will come back.
The sun definitely helps but I am back at work full time so get little chance to see it except for weekends when it usually rains.
It has been a very long winter this year so I am hoping that the latest sunshine indicates spring and summer is on its way.
Thanks again
R x

I agree with you about the bunging up! I find I am really thirsty, too.

Yes, it has been a very long, dark winter. Can you get out in the sun at lunchtime?

Ann x

Yes once it gets warm enough we can sit outside at lunch time, I tend to have short lunch breaks so I can leave earlier as I work flexi time. Weekends we take the dog out for longer walks.

Things have seemed worse this last 2 weeks since I started my latest packet.

I reckon I am going to have to bite the bullet and start going to bed earlier to try and get enough sleep to counteract the waking every 2-3 hours.

Got to go , hubby wants his hair cut!
Thanks again
R x

Hi all, just to say Pargayan I started Arimidex only 3 weeks ago and I also feel tired I think several things make us tired while going through this difficult time but I definitely feel tired at unexpected times god knows how I will cope when the rads start.
love Linda xx