Had 2nd herceptin 10 days ago and I am sooo tired is there anyone else who is tired need to go back to work but too tired love to all Eileen

Is anyone on the herceptin/omnitarg trial I was tired on just herceptin like before a cold but omnitarg [herceptin’s little sister !] has limited my energy levels lots so I have given up work I am 57 to spend retirement with my husband hopefully for many? years
positive point this trial [since May] has reduced and stabilised my liver mets so tired is OK!!!

Hi Eileen,

I was tired.

I was wondering if you had insomnia? I found that a single trazodone a day for two days after my herceptin treatment worked wonders. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to face up to the fact that I had a sleep problem, so I was in a real state by then.

I found that I also had to be much more organised. David Allen’s Getting Things Done was very helpful (although just start by following the diagrams, because the prose can get a bit confusing).

Take care,


I am very tired- well I seem to tire suddenly- nothing gradual about it.

I have insomnia for about a week after herceptin- first two nights especially bad.

I don’t have insomnia (in fact I sleep like a log most of the time due to the tiredness). But I agree that there’s nothing gradual about the onset of the tiredness. One minute I feel fine, and then suddenly I’m completely drained. I call it “running into my brick wall”, as the impact is so overwhelming. I find it difficult to judge when this is likely to happen, so other than trying to be as sensible as possible, and try to fit on short breaks throughout the day, I’m at a loss to know how to tackle it.