Tissue expanders and mastectomy

Hi can you please advise me/offer your experience of mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with a tissue expander implant. I am due to have this procedure on 12 th August. I’m not sure which type of bra to wear afterwards. I am only a 32 A, so often have trouble finding one to fit me. Also, what was the recovery like? I’m thinking about driving, housework, going back to work, walking the dogs etc, I have already recovered from a recent WLE and SNB.

thnak you for your advice
best wishes

I had an expander implant. Recovery was pretty quick except I had seroma which was uncomfortable for long walks. Not much pain.
They say take it easy for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Walking the dogs should be ok as long as you use the other arm. You have to be careful with the operated arm if you have lymph nodes removed.
I used the Royce bras: comfi and silver models. Very comfortable. Sometimes cheaper on ebay, so shop around.

Thanks Black Swan, that’s very helpful. I’ve already had SNB, so that’s one less thing to worry about !

I had bilateral mx with expanders about 10 weeks ago. Only ever had paracetamol and ibuprofen as pain relief and only for first 2 weeks. The most uncomfortable thing for me was the ports but they soon settled down.Was driving again at 3 weeks. I had chemo first so felt quite tired for a while so not sure if that was still effects of chemo. I had internal stitches and glue so never had any bandages or padding etc. had drains out on day 2 and home on day 3.My surgeon started filling at 3 weeks but he only does it 50 mls at a time weekly. Now had a break from filling to have rads. I have not worn a bra as just wear crop/ sleep tops from M&S they are very comfy although you need to buy next size up to allow for swelling but then as you expand they just stretch .

Hope this helps and that all goes well for you
Wendy x x

Wendy, thanks very much for your post! It’s really helpful to have insight into the planned op. can I ask,were you able to get clothes on over your head ok? I have read that you shouldn’t raise your arms above your head fora while.
best wishes for the rest of your treatment

When I left hospital I put a jumper on that went over my head. Had to do it carefully as elbows should not go over head for first few weeks so should not reach up to cupboards etc. I never wore button up tops or pjs. Did not have surgery under arms as had that done 5 months earlier so that makes it easier. Also I had both sides so you should find it slightly easier.

Feel free to ask me anything either on here on by PM.

Wendy x