Tissue expanders not being removed

Hi, i had double mastectomy with tissue expander with Strattice put in. I saw my doctor today for my first fill and to my surprise he didn’t say anything about removing expanders and replacing them with implant. He just said they can stay in permanently! I was in shock because they are rock hard and very tight and don’t look even - I cant believe i have to have them in forever! Anyone else had similar experience? Thank you. 

Hi Vanja

I had a single mastectomy 3 and a half years ago with tissue expander and strattice.  Mine wasn’t filled up for over a year later and I too hated the resuslts.  It felt like I was carrying around a heavy hot water bottle, and like you, my breast was very hard.  It took me a long time to persuade my BS to exchange it for a silicone implant as he was not happy to change it.  I think it depends on which part of the country you reside and the surgeon as to whether you can change the implant.


Although my new breast is not even I have not regretted my decision and am now going through lipo-fill to fill in the gaps and dents in my breast.  I hope that this has helped and keep us all in the loop.  Regards Chris