TN and advice on changes to hormone receptor status - advice please

HI. I was DX with secondaries to lungs, bones & lymphs last July. have been on Taxel & Avastin which was working well but now markers are up so having scans this week & go from there. I have heard others talking about changes to hormone status in secondaries & just wanted to see if this is common. I have never been given a biopsy of my secondaries & will ask next ONC appt but wanted to go “armed” with examples just in case ONC is awkward??? - I like to have all the info at my fingertips.

Hi Millykins01,
I have been diagnosed with ER strongly positive breast cancer. When 18months later of initial diagnosis, liver mets found in scan I had a liver biopsy done. Tumour was still ER positive but weaker positive and still her2 and Pro negative. Hormonal treatment with Letrozole stopped and started on Capecitebine oral chemo. I think that 30% of tumours change hormonal receptors. Always more information of the disease could help for more targeted treatment.

Best of luck wwith your appointment and your treatment