TN recurrence after 2 1/2 years


sorry you find yourself here but i have a friend who had a chest wall recurrence about 8 years after primary.

her recurrence was in the chest muscle and nodes and its pretty rare to get it there. think it must have been about 3 or 4 years ago now.

you will be disappointed and fearful… thats natural and i cant really do any more to allay years fears except to say that a recurrence doesnt necessarily mean that you will end up with mets.

i know ladies with TNBC who have had chest wall recurrence and never get mets… they will however normally re-stage you to make sure there is no cancer lurking elsewhere.

the pants side of things is they will usually give chemo… id say take it!

lulu xxx


Hello Flori,


I’m so sorry to hear you have a recurrence of triple negative breast cancer. I wanted to tell you a had also had a recurrence - this was in 2012, not 3 years after my first diagnosis in 2009. I won’t go into all the details as it was quite complicated but I just wanted to share what a frightening time it was. I think second time was a much lower time for me, for many reasons and I was daunted at the prospect of more chemo.


At that time, lovely Lulu was a huge source of support. I remember asking her how she coped with chemo a second time and she explained that she had just accepted she would feel ill but that it would pass. I’m now 2 years on again and I wanted to let you know that you too would get through it all. Plan support, eat well and try and get yourself prepared. Of course we all know those fears for the future which I think are especially hard second time, but you do learn to deal with them, with good days and bad.


Wishing you lots of strength, Rattles, x