hi everyone im looking a little support really i was diagnosed with tnbc in sept 10 and for last couple wks ive had a pain in my back and tummy went dr he done a water test which was clear so now having blood tests to day and waiting to have ultra sound app i keep saying to myself it nothing but i thought that with the lump i found last yr! trouble is when u had bc you just cant ignore any sign of its ugly return dont want to worry my oh as he been through enough and you ladies will no exactly how im feeling thank you all

Hi there, sorry you at having these wrries :frowning: Really hope it turns out to be nothing. You are right to get checked out properly so well done for facing ipto ur concerns + seeing ur gp. You could always contact ur onc/ surgical team too who I’m sure will investigate. But it sounds like you are having the right tests- ultrasound etc. Try not to panic, lots of triple neg ladies do great after treatment. What was ur original dx- was it a big lump, nodes etc?
Best of luck- hope u don’t have to wait too long for tests + results.
Tina x

hi thank you for your response it wasnt overly big 1.7 and 1 node op was done one month of diagnosis chemo node clearence and rads im so frightened of a reacurrance but had a really stressful yr b4 i got bc which im sure didnt help although treatment finished i still have a lot of really stressful things going on lost my job my darling nanna is not expected to live much longer (she like a mum to me) just wondering when all this cr@p will end xxx

Ah fingers crossed this worry turns out 2b nothing cancer related- hopefully it’s ibs or something like that (often triggered by stress). You can always push ur onc/ srgical team for a CT scan if u want to be sure that there is nothing sinister going on.
Best of luck, lets know how u get on xx

Hi gingerbud thanks about letting me know about onc as I have no contact with them I assumed I just went through my gp had blood test this afternoon so will let u no rsults of that and scan thanks again big hugs jo xx

Maybe contact ur breast care nurse + she could follow up with onc or alternativlely, contact ur oncs secretary direct at ur hospital. Good luck xx

Hi jsm72

As well as the support you are receiving here if you would like to talk to somone please don’t hesitate to give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000. Here you can talk things through with a trained member of staff who will offer you emotional support as well as practical information. The lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2pm.

Best wishes
Sam, BCC Facilitator

thanks tina and sam bcc im so glad i found this sight wish i knew about it when first dianosed i dont feel so alone as treatment has finished it not easy to get back “normal” if ever i was normal get bit fed up of your through it now just put it behind you grrrrrr im trying!!! when treatment finish u feel alone all the so called friends who come to visit “the one with cancer” or" the chemo patient" seem to have vanised now im in the “clear” thanks for my moan big hugs hope u all have a good day

hi gingerbud just to let you no had scan and every thing fine been a difficult few wks but some good news at last hope your doing well have a good christmas jo xx