Hi, I was diagnosed last week and I’m expecting to be told my treatment plan on Wednesday. I’m feeling physically very well but mentally I’m struggling. I work as a district nurse so my experience of breast cancer is all palliative and I can’t help but feel very negative as I’m so frightened ?

Hi Belinda ,welcome to the forum.There are lots of very supportive active threads in the "I am recently diagnosed section " if you want to join us there.Very hard in the beginning to feel anything other than scared and anxious particularly as your only experience of breast cancer is supporting ladies who are very poorly .Hopefully you will feel better when you get your treatment plan and know what happens next .All the best Jill.

hi Belinda,
For most of us, bc is certainly not palliative & we go through treatment, recover & get on with our lives.
Treatments are pretty good now & outcomes have never been better.
There are loads of us now out the other side.
I’m in the nhs too, but not in your area & working with mainly women, it is amazing how many of us have gone through this.
As Jill says, the initial diagnosis is the worst part, but it does get better when the treatment plan is in place.
There is loads of support here with others going through similar treatments at similar stages to yourself, so do look at the other threads.
Come & chat whenever you need to.
ann x

Hi Belinda

im sorry you have to join us here but this is a good forum where you can find lots of support and advice. There are others too, including the U.S. site along with specific Fb groups.

i was diagnosed last summer and can clearly remember the overwhelming fear I experinced. I’m a nurse as well although this is not my field at all and my experience with BC patients was ofer 30 years ago when outcomes and treatment were very different.

the good news for us TN ladies is that this is an area which is being extensively researched and there is a lot going on. Chemo is known to work very well with TN and lots of women do well following their treatment ending. I found that Dr Google was definitely not my friend as much of the info on uncredited sites is either out of date or just plain false so my advice would be to stay away from them and stick to places you know are accurate. 

I found that once I had my treatment plan and then actually started chemo ( which I had before surgery) I began to feel better as I felt that I was beginning to overcome it.

take care and stay strong , you will feel better soon 

chris xx