To all those who've just HAD their mastectomy!

Hi all,
I wrote just before I went in (Tuesday) and wonder how you are all doing?
I was petrified and of course they kept me waiting hours but the actual op wasn’t that bad (well, I wouldn’t know seeing I was out of it!). But I was mighty glad to wake up alive!!

Afterwards was a nightmare - terrible care at the hospital - a teaching hospital full of really uncaring crap nurses. Hardly survived that…Was anyone else really sick? I still feel nauseous and can only stomach wheat wafers!

But am back home. Have looked at the wound now - quite hideous. Miss my breast and looking foxy - none of that now. But with clothes on even with the ridiculously large ‘softie’ I look okay.

Aren’t we brave, eh? Not that I feel it at the mo. Feel crap in fact but glad to be back with my two little ones who were missing me like mad.

Results on Xmas Eve - nightmare timing!

Sending loads of love to you all brave women out there.

L xx

Hi Flaxhigh,

Glad you are back at home, how lovely to see your little ones. I found that the hardest part being away from them. Are you managing ok with the drains etc. Sorry your time in hospital was so crap and great timing with ref to results. What results are you waiting for?
Anyway take care don’t over do it with the little ones, I cant remember their ages but I know they are young so hopefully like mine the will not remember any of this.
Also remember you still are Foxy and you still are the same person, this horrible disease has a way of twisting your mind that the you, you were has gone, she hasn’t she just braver and slightly disfigured but still beautiful
Take care and well done

With love


Hi Flaxhigh,
Glad to hear your back home after your op and that it wasnt as bad as you feared.Sorry to hear the nurses were alfull though ,also sorry to hear you have suffered with sickness and are still feeling nauseaus have you tried ginger ale or travel bands both help with the nauseaous feelings, i luckily didnt get any sickness when i had my op but have found travel bands very good whilst im having chemo, only one more cycle after this thank goodness then 5 weeks rads and 5 yrs tomoxifin for me.Well done to you for getting the op out the way its great to get back home with the family isnt it.Good luck on christmas eve for your results although like you say the timeing could have been better . Try and rest as much as you can though i know with little ones thats easier said than done . Take care and let us know how you get on.

Lots of Hugs
Lindiloo x

Hi Flaxhigh

Welcome back, sorry you had a bad time of it, but it’s all done now. Good luck for your results on Xmas Eve… jesus, what awful timing!

Take care of yourself

Cecelia. x

Hi flaxhigh i made it too but had to be readmitted with yet another infection! Get my results tomorrow am sacred stiff. Sorry to hear about the nurses have to say mine were wonderful. Take it easy thinking me you Xxx

Hi flaxhigh i made it too but had to be readmitted with yet another infection! Get my results tomorrow am sacred stiff. Sorry to hear about the nurses have to say mine were wonderful. Take it easy thinking me you Xxx

Thanks a mil everyone. Good luck Lindsyloo for tomorrow. Crap about being readmitted with another infection. Will be thinking of you tomorrow anyway.

My two are two and five and missed me like hell. My two year old lead my husband a merry dance, refusing to go to sleep hour after hour. He was the same last night but tonight now I’m back and he knows I’m here he dropped off immediately which is great. My 5 year old is being a bit testy - I don’t have a great deal of energy to discipline him at the present and he’s making the most of it (his dad is a soft touch!).

Strength to us all…



Hi Flax
wow you brought it all back to me hun. I had mastectomy about this time 2 yrs ago and results on the 23rd. Was a bit ‘crap’ as i was told the lump was big and chem lasting 7 months. However 2 yrs on i am ‘fine’

Arh your babies are little and i bet they missed their wonderful mum.

Mine are ‘big’ and I was thankful for that but they stil need me.

MY Hubby was a soft touch so know how tricky this must be for you.

Thinking of you hun and let us know the results and future treatment, we are all here for you to support and help you.


Hi Flax
I had my mastectomy last week (7th) and am still sore and stiff. I get my results on Xmas eve too! I hate the way I look-bath times are the worst-I was very bruised-even the nurses were shocked- and when I look at my bruised and battered body I just want to howl.
Luckily my two are both grown up and are both home from Uni and looking after me. I found the nurses and other staff were brilliant up until the night staff came on at 8pm and then no-one checked me at all until 6am the fiollowing morning! I was sent home the day after my op with no infomation re drains or anything! I was also turfed out of my bed at 7.30am so they could re-make it for someone else and had to sit in a chair for 3.5 hours before being discharged! By that time I couldn’t wait to get home.
Will think of you next Monday
Love Gill x

Yes, the night nurses were an absolute nightmare. I had to stay in 4 days and I am SO glad to be home. Feel a lot better than I did - I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic - being sick the whole time. Have to say it’s feeling a bit nippy now. How is everyone else’s wound doing? Is anyone taking pain relief and if so, what? I came off all pain relief a couple of days ago as I was so sick but now I fancy going back on!

Much love and good luck Gill on Monday. I still don’t know if I can face going to my appointment. What’s the point of ruining Xmas? I think I can wait another week - what does everyone think? The surgeon was very keen to see me on the 24th but I really don’t fancy feeling the inevitable terror on the night when I am wanting to be all Xmassy and jolly for my two little ones.

L x

Hi again L
I’m not taking any pain relief but am still in discomfort. I feel as if I have a long metal rod going across my chest into my armpit.I am so bruised-the whole of my torso (right side) is completely black. I am thinking of going to see my GP tomorrow to check that the wound is OK. I also have a rash along the insides of both arms which itches like mad! I still cannot sleep-either through being uncomfortable, or wake from nasty dreams and then can’t get back off to sleep, or my mind is so active (fearful?).
I just want to know the outcomes to my results even if they are bad news. but having said that, my children are much older (18 & 20). The waiting is the worst part. Don’t forget it might be good news!
Let us all know what you decide and good luck
Lots of love & hugs (gentle ones of course!)

Hi Flax

Glad to hear your home but sorry to hear you had crap treatment - must say my nurses were very busy but most of them were lovely. I had my mast 10th and got home on Sat. am just taking paracet and brufen if needed for pain - must say I have a pretty good range of movement - so much so that I drove myself to hospital yesterday to have seroma drained!!

I am still waiting to hear when my appointment is for my results - think I want t hem sooner rather than later even if it is before xmas!!

Take care all

Hi Fiona
Just drove myself to the surgery to ask nurse to check out swelling and pain-Well, I thought if you can drive then so
can I!!! Bit painful trying to park! Now sitting here with an ice-pack on swelling and had to laugh as I thought well at least there’s no nipple to erect!!
Just had phone call from BC nurse re results. Apparently the nurse who discharged me should never have told me that I had an appointment for results on xmas eve as there is no clinic on that day! Grrr… So they have a team meeting today with all surgeons, oncs & nurses to discuss results so have requested them by phone if possible. What a c**k up!

BTW, Flaxhigh-have you decided what to do re getting your results?

Fiona-have you had appointment for results yet?

Now off to put this bl**dy ice pack back in freezer and try to thaw out before re-applying! Brrrrrr!
Love Gill x

Hi Gill

Have just responded to you on other thread. LOL about the driving part - I must say I am ‘feeding’ the wheel thro my hands like an old wifie but apart from that ok (it was right mast i had done). LOL too about the nipple bit - we have to laugh!!

I dont know when I am getting results - I just know I am not on the multi disciplinary list this week for results as they dont have them yet - so looks like it will be after xmas. I work for the trust where my op was done so I know my bc nurse will get me an appointment asap - will just have to be patient - which is not me really - I just want everything NOW.

Keep up with the ice packs - my seroma just keeps growing!!


Got my results today by phone! No spread to lymph nodes at all, no Chemo, no rads-just Tamoifen for next 5 years!!! Wahoo!!! Forgive me for sounding soooooooooo excited but we’re all over the moon here! Have opened champagne to celebrate.
Hope your results are as good.
love Gill xxxxxxxxxxxx


I am so so happy for you - congratulations!!!

Hope I will be celebrating like you

Loads of hugs

Fantastic news Gill. Huge relief for you.
Good luck Fiona with your results.
I still can’t decide what to do regarding the 24th. I just cannot face bad news and then a Christmas. Somehow it feels more manageable as soon as Xmas is over - I think it is because my two young ones are SO excited and I can enjoy them just about at the moment but not if I get bad news. I’m going to have to make a decision but I keep putting it off. HELP!

L x

By the way GiIl, can you tell me if you had DCIS and if you had high grade? I feel I can’t get good news as mine is high grade and also I had the symptoms of bleeding from nipple 2 and a half years ago and the breast clinic made a cock up and said it was just pregnancy/breastfeeding. They never called me back for a mammogram (I’m 42) and eventually I just thought this is ridiculous, it can’t be something benign so I went back and it was - high grade DCIS everywhere, lymph nodes out, breast off. I’m now scared like hell about my results. Mainly because I am already very ill with M.E and for this reason any treatment is going to hit me hard. Even Tamoxifen will be terrible as I am allergic to hormones (last hormones I took from age 30 to 36 put me in a near vegetative state for 6 years which was horrendous.

L x

Hi everyone

so pleased for you Gill its a wonderful christmas present

Flaxhigh if you do have to have chemo we can do it together, I start mine in the new, everything I have read is that it is doable.

My wound is pouring out serous fluid at present and I can hear my breast gurgle when I move around, saw the nurse and the surgeon tonight and I now have a colostomy bag over the wound to collect the fluid.

Back to the hospital again in the morning I feel like Im living at the damn place, they may have to drain it again


Poor you Linda - what a nightmare. Hope you heal up soon.