to have or not to have Chemo

Hi Everyone

I am really needing some advice just totally and utterly confused !!

I was diagnosed with DCIS early Oct. I had a lumpectomy and SNB.I am 51

Went to see Oncologist on Wed, however she wasnt there so spoke to a couple of her team.

The tumour was 2cm and when removed he said that there were very good clear margins  and ER positive and all nodes were clear fantastic news, but they have graded it 3.


Now the hard bit they have offered me Chemo as I am borferline eh !!! as well as Rads and Tamoxifen but it is my choice as the stats are low about 3-5% success with Chemo.

They say I didnt have to make my mind up today so going back in 2 weeks. I also asked them about the DX test and would I be able to do that first They are going to ask Oncologist about this.


I would just like to know if anyone has been through this and advice would be really helpful as Chemo is such a big thing to undergo for so little resuilts my head hurts :frowning: x





Hi Paula,


The only thing I can offer is this link to the Predict tool:


Fill in as much of the information as you know, and it will predict what percentage of benefit chemo will give you. It appears in the form of a chart, and is quite easy to understand. I hope it will help you decide.


Wishing you well.


poemsgalore xx

Hi Paula

Please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your queries/concerns on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday

BCC have published a booklet ‘Understanding your pathology’ which may also help:

Best wishes

Lucy BCC

Hi Paula,


Are you sure your tumour was DCIS? It sounds unlikely to me if they have graded it 3 and offered you chemo. I understand that chemo doesn’t work at all on DCIS so they offer you radiotherapy sometimes with additional boosters. DCIS is normally graded as high or low or intermediate rather than with a number.


In any event, 3 to 5% success sounds good to me. My thoughts were to throw everything at it, that chemo is temporary, and just a few months out of my life. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d refused chemo and the blasted thing came back again. I needed to know I had done everything I could to get rid of it. You never know, you could be one of the lucky ones that sails through chemo with very few side effects - there are some of us this happens to, me included. (I’m 65) If you aren’t so lucky and you find you are suffering too much, you can always stop at that point.


Good luck, whatever you decide. xxx

Hi Paula, I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago had to make the decision about chemo as was borderline. Like Lola says, I wanted to know that I had done everything I could to prevent chance of recurrence and although it was a very tough decision I went for it and was totally supported by my family and friends which has helped. I have had my first treatment of 6 FEC and so far so good, apart from slight nausea the first day I have been very tired but just make sure I rest when I need to. I’m a nurse in theatres so my job is quite stressful physically and mentally so have been off since my operation in Sept and intend to be until my treatment is all over. I know some ladies manage to keep working thru their chemo, taking time off when needed so it really is doable. They can give so much now to combat the side effects if you get them and the chemo team offer so much support and advice, have you met them yet?. It is a purely personal decision which only you can make and you will know in your head and heart when you have made the right one. I also was offered the Oncotype test but it got refused due to ni funding, however my Onc said knowimg my luck it wuld have come back borderline so would have still had to make the choice.
I know the next few months won’t be a walk in the park at times but hopefully I am strong and fit enough to get thru it and if you make this decision you will be too, and there is so much support here we will help you whatever choice you make. Feel free to ask if you want any more advice hun and good luck, xxxxx