To Nipple or Not To Nipple


I just wanted to let people know how good I felt today, I hope thats ok.

5 years ago I was diagnosed with BC and had the whole range of treatments ie.removal & reconstruction, chemo & radio. A couple of weeks ago the hospital said they no longer wish to see me for my 6 monthly check ups and I can finish taking Tamoxifen in Oct. This made me feel amazing but nothing compared to how I feel today.

Like many other women who have been left with no nipple I have contemplated over the years having a new one made or to have it tattood. Over and over again I have changed my mind for various reasons eg.boob going up and down in size (had tramflap), more surgery ! Well today I had a tattoo done but no ordinary one. I thought “what the heck, if I am going to have a tattoo I may aswell get something beautiful”. OMG, I love it. For the first time since my op I actually showed one of my female friends my reconstruction. Up until now the only people to have seen are those from the medical profession and a couple of now ex boyfriends.

I cannot believe how good I feel and just felt the need to share this in case others are going through the same dilema.



Hi Teresa

What tattoo did you have done?

I had a dilemma recently and was very close to not having a cosmetic tattoo done. I was either going to leave it be or have a ‘pretty’ tattoo that had some meaning. In the end, I had a cosmetic tattoo done 2 weeks ago and I am just getting used to the look of it. It’s a difficult decison to make. Your post says to me that you have made a good decision for you!

Kat x

Hi Kat

I had the most beautiful flower, it reminds me of an Orchid, and I wish I had done it ages ago. The nipple issue never seem to bother boyfriends but because I thought it would I used to get uptight, at first. Maybe, I wont be so uptight the next time round !

Like you say it isnt the easiest decision in the world to make. I will keep my stick on one though because it’s a great talking point and looks so real. I hope you soon get used to your new nipple.


Hi Teresa

Good for you.

I said if i am going to have a tattoo where my nipple was I am going to have a proper tattoo no offence to the BC nurse, but I dont like tattoos normally but well I might as well have a decent one.

Did you go to a recommended tattoist?

Will I have to wait until my treatment has finished ( I know I will have to wait until my rads later in the year has finished) but do you know if you can have it whilst having heceiptin.

I have shown my friends my boob without the nipple and they have said it looks greatr, now wont be able to wait until I have the tattoo done.

Take Care


Great to hear a good news story on here. Well done on getting a tat that you are pleased with. Also love the usename and the fact that you are planning a ‘next time around’ … see their is life after breast cancer. You go girl!

Well done you…Wish i could see it!!! Was thinking i’d like to have it done too…