To recon or not to recon?

To Recon or not Recon?
That is the ???

Im 36 & got my 1st consultation with surgeon this Thurs…

The thing is I have read so much for and against and probs etc that I have got myself into another tizwaz… Why cant things just be easy?

Anyway with everything that I have been through is it wise 2 go for recon?

I need some help - I know I can only make the decision but some advice
would be nice…


Hi mel

I am in the same mind as you at the moment i just dont know whether to or not. I have mine consultation on 15th jan i have decided not to have it yet though, at least we have the option to wait till we are ready.

I know i’m not helping you here but just wanted to say hi. Let me know what you decide

Hi Mle

I was 55 when I had my mastectomy…I never wanted reconsttruction and have felt comfortable with my scar, how it looks etc. There’s a good site called which puts a positive perspective on not having a reconstruction.

best wishes whatever you decide.


Thanks Bubbly - will let you know how the meeting goes.
Jane - thak you I will check this site out.

I am ok with my scars etc to a point, but as my scars r quite high it is really hard to buy nice tops etc for a bug busted
lass like me!! I was so used to - dare I say it - If you got it flaunt it!!! but hey thats all changed now…


Hi Mel

Had my meeting with consultant yesterday and Im to go back in three months when I have had a really good think about all the options. At the minute Im 100% sure that I will go for recon I hate not being symetrical. I agree with you about tops although I was never big enough to flaunt anything really it does cut down on the choice of clothes you can wear. A friend of mine is having a mastectomy on her good breast to sort out the symetrical problem - dont thinks thats for me but who knows.



Hi Karen

I hope you dont mind me asking but what sort of questions etc should I ask?
What should I expect?

Hi all

My scare is horrible i hate it, it kind of folds as it gets near my arm as though i have a scar going up as well.

Thank you for breastfree link Jane. A very interesting and refreshing site. I often feel like an oddball for not minding my mastectomy at all - and for wishing I’d had a bilateral so I wasn’t uncomfortably lopsided.

I was desperate for my recon, infact very peeved at having to wait 2 years.

37 at diagnoses with a good fugure and could wear what I wanted, as soon as I had my mast I hated my body and loathed popping a prosthesis into my bra every day to try and look normal, also hated having to check it wan’t on show, felt I couldn’t go swimming with my kids as costumes were not fashionable and got upset my first summer when I had to throw all my tops away. (infact I was getting depressed as I felt it was such an ugly constant reminder)

I had tram flap Dec 08 and have never regretted it, I went into theatre smiling not crying like I did with mastectomy and I got to treat myself to a lovely dress for my 40th and had a cleavage + back to my areobic classes not worrying over a prosthesis flying out. I personally feel more confident, I know its not for all woman, it is a big op but was definitley the right choice for me.

I didn’t really have any questions, I knew I wanted the op and wanted to listen to what the PS had to say as he is highly recommend, he gave me a good prod all over, got his tape measure out and checked my back and tummy muscle, he then advised the tummy for me due to cup size + my skin was a much better match (I have a freckly back). we both agreed no implants as wanted best cosmetic results, he was very honest in time scales of op and recovery and every checkup I have had since with his team, Onc or BS they have all commented on how quick I recovered and the success of the op.

Debbie x

Hi Mel

Have to admit I didnt go with a list of questions went in with an open mind as to what the consultant would think was best for me. He is sending me a dvd of the 3 options available and I am then meeting with him again in three months. I wont be having my op until July time because that will be a year after my rads. I think once I have looked at the dvd it will help me make my decision. The consultatn thinks that (sorry dont know the names of the ops) the one where they take skin from your stomache will be the best one for me but he said keep an open mind until you have looked at all the options.

Hope that hasnt confused you more - I think knowing that it will be quite a while before the op is giving me peace of mind for making the right decision.



I had a mastectomy (right hand side) in November 2007.

11 days ago (i.e. 23rd December 2008, some 13 months later) I had an LD flap recon (and implant) on the right hand side together with a prophylactic mx on the left hand side with immediate replacement with an implant AND I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER. I hope this gives some sort of courage to you girls our there who may be contemplating this sort of surgery. It was right for me, any way.

Hi Mel,

Ask about lipofill if its an option for you? They take fat from bum tum thighs etc, wash it out and inject it a newish procedure in the uk but worth asking.


Happy with this thread as in same position ish. Finished all my treatment and due to now finidng faulty brca1 gene having a masectomy on other side so thinking about recon at same time but Im such a big baby, im terrified of hospital and the recovery etc. problems etc , its not just vanity, Im large chested and hate the lopsided look but hate carrying that false one around, my scar is really high too Mel and can barely wear any tops, dying to go swimming and nt sure about a holiday cos of how I look.

Bubs, thats amazing what you had done, it seems like what I was thinking about and you are feeling okay 11 days later, wow! its the thought of haivng both sides done at once but hate thought of seperate surgery and also something foreign inside me, oh, what a wuss

I am 30 and 2 months post Mastectomy. I have my consultation in about 8 months after treatment about Recon. My surgeon is more bothered about it than me, telling me that at my age I should bla bla bla. THis is about the only thing we do have a choice in. For me, the thought of more surgery pains me. I am really ok with my scar, its a neat job, and I don’t see it as a negative, in some ways I am proud of it, because that day they got all the cancer, and I beat this horrible thing. Yes I am now having to change my wardrobe, and buy new underwear, but hey - I needed a change anyway. Its personal choice at the end of the day, and I know they can do amazing things and most have excellent results. Good luck in whatever you decide. Mands

Hi All,

Thank you for some great advice!

I too have probs with tops but manage to sort out a nice swimsuit thanks to the girls at Lingerie Illusions!

I will let you guys know what I decide when I see Surgeon on Thurs

Bubs, can you tell me how long you were in hospital for and how long your recovery period will be? Like you I had mastectomy (left side) on 21st Nov 2007 and have yet to get up the courage to go for recon. They have advised Tram FlaP (?) Get a tummy tuck into the bargain apparently! And what is the prophylactic mast you had, is that prevention for the other side?

Need help as have another appt to discuss recon on thursday and just don’t know what to do!

Cecelia. x

Same here Cecelia, Got appt this Thurs and getting really confused with all the jargon…
Any help…Advice…

I had mastectomy (left side) and immediate recon using the diep flap ( tummy tuck)
I would recommend it - I didnt wake up flat which I couldnt bear to have done. The surgeon was a miracle worker ( Mr Nduka) and all it looks like now is that they took off the nipple and replaced it with stomach skin - just a small round £2 coin sized thing. There is a scar running from the side of this circle towards my armpit - hardly noticable now and I had it done on 22nd Sept ( see my thread titled ’ mastectomy and recon due on 22nd Sept - totally terrified’ or something rambling along those lines)
yes it was painfull but it was all done in one hit and my new boob feels pretty normal. Highly recommend it, depsite my 11 hour op!!

Thanks Jennyg

Can you tell me how much recovery time you needed and how long your were in hospital?

Cecelia. x

I was in hospital for 5 days ( apparently this was a speedy recovery - so expect at least a week!) they wouldnt let me out until all the drains were removed and I could walk about a little. Also wouldnt release me until Id had a poo… sounds funny - but after the tummy tuck I was worried about putting any kind of strain on it!!!
I took 6 weeks in total off from work and probably could have struggled in after 4 or 5 weeks if pushed to. ( depends what you do for work - my job is recruitment - so although quite hectic - is primarily a desk job!)
If you need anything else answered -please let me know and i will try my best!