To wax or not to wax that is the question

To wax or not to wax that is the question

To wax or not to wax that is the question Had WLE last August and finished all treatment end of March. Has anybody attempted waxing under arms. Is this advisable or should I steer clear and stick to shaving?

Thanks for any advice.

For many years i waxed underarms. I started having it done at a beauty salon but couldn’t always get an appointment so i started buying the waxing sheets. I had no problem under left arm as i’m right handed but found the right underarm very difficult and often needed several quite painful attempts before i got rid of the hair.
When i went back to the beauty salon she advised me that doing it yourself wasn’t a good idea because you can’t be too careful because of the lymph nodes.
I must admit, i wonder if it had a bearing on the extensive lymph node involvement even though i was diagnosed after my first routine mammogram. Could the nodes have been damaged?
It makes you wonder.

Not Sure Hi

I had mastectomy with node clearance and I was advised by the Breast Nurse not to wax incase of ingrown hairs. (However have never waxed armpits)

Was told to use electric razor only to avoid any cuts and infections.

Maybe best to check out info with your BN.


Don’t shave! Hi, I was told not to shave my armpit for risk of infection, but to use an electric shaver. However, I’ve started with a sachet of Nair and use a bit whenever necessary, and it works really well - the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly. Hope this helps!