Today I found out I have Breast Cancer

Hi, I have just had the bad news today. I had a mammogram on 13 October which came back completely clear. By the end of November I found a lump. Today I found out I have grade 3 breast cancer. Have to have an op soon after Christmas. So scared that it has happened so quickly, in that mammogram clear and then lump appears…has anyone else had the same?? I have been told I will probably have radiotherapy after the op but just read on line that grade 3 normally always has chemotherapy. Any advice out there or guidance on how to cope will be great. One thing I do know tell everyone to keep checking constantly even after a clear mammogram.

Hello Scared1,

Just wanted to send you hugs! The mammogram does have a margin of error, like any diagnostic procedure.

Did you find the lump yourself? Is your concern that this has developed from nothing very quickly, or that the lump was missed? I can totally understand your shock and worries.

The publications on this site are great, you can download them. I spent the first few days after dx sending away or downloading lots of leaflets.

Have you had your treatment planning yet? It really helps when you get a bit more information. I don’t want to speculate on whether you’ll get chemo or not because there is quite a variation from case to case.

Take care petal! x

Hello Scared1 and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpliners for further support and information along the way, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

As Crabbit has suggested, you may find some of our publications helpful, I am posting a link below to the newly diagnosed publications list, at the moment you may find the newly diagnosed resource pack useful to read and you will find it on the list:

Best wishes

Hi Scared1

So sorry about your diagnosis but welcome, you will find lots of support and info on this site so keep posting. This site and the lovely ladies on here really helped me at the beginning and still does. Dont google lots of scarey outdated stuff out there.

Cant say for sure if you will have chemo that will be your oncologist decision and every one is different. I was grade 3 with no node involvement and i unfortunately had to have chemo. I was terrified at the thought of it but it hasnt been as bad as i first imagined.

It is a scarey time when you first get diagnosed and you will go through lots of emotions…all normal…but once you have a plan of action things become easier and you will find the strength to go forward.

Big hugs to you
Clare x

Hi scared 1,

it will be a very anxious time for you but try not to read too much, grade 3 doesn’t always mean chemo there are many other factors that will be taken into account.

I was diagnosed this time last year, i had my Op on Xmas Eve & now 12 months on i am thankfully No evidence of disease, i was grade 3 & did have chemo but for me it was a choice not a necessity & i know of many others that also had the choice & some to whom chemo wasn’t even offered.

Love & hugs

Hi Scared. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Its really traumatic hearing those words and wondering what will be the outcome. I heard them thirteen years ago and I thought the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet. However, I don’t think that we are given anything that we can’t cope with. Our negative thoughts are the real enemy and we must remember that this is the time for loving ourself and being gentle knowing that we will get through this with the help of the medics, friends and the people that are ‘sent’ to accompany us through this challenging time. Do everything at your pace. Don’t be rushed into decisions. Always take a notepad with you with your questions and get your partner to record the answers. Research, get advice. There are support groups out there. The power of positive women can be a source of great support. You need to be tender with yourself. You can and will get through this. In fact I believe that my cancer diagnosis was a gift. Its made me a stronger person. Its changed my life and it will change yours but think positive thoughts this is the driving force to healing and give yourself gentle hugs. You are strong and not alone. Breathe in slowly and out and think all will be well. XX

Hello Scared1 let’s hope you can change your log in name soon!
Perhaps to Notsoscarednow1 !!!
I’ve just been diagnosed too and am waiting for the date for my op which will be sometime in January.
The fact that my clinic which is supposed to be excellent has not rushed me into surgery just before Xmas has relieved my anxieties a little…
Hope all goes well and let me know when you change your name!

I too had a clear mammogram and found the lump myself. Mine is grade 3 but is also in the lymph nodes in my armpit - I finished my last of 8 chemotherapy sessions 3 weeks ago and go for surgery next Tuesday and then I will have 15 radiotherapy treatments in the new year.

Have you had a meeting with an Oncologist yet? They are the ones that set up the treatment plans - always best to take someone with you to those meetings so that they can take notes.

Try not to be scared - keep coming back here, there are lots and lots of ladies all going through what you are going through and many more that have finished their treatments. We all help each other through the bad and the good. Stay strong and keep your chin up.

Thanks everyone for the posts, I wasn’t expecting so many. I have my pre-op assessment next Monday so hopefully may find out a bit more then. I now find I have a lump in my neck so will mention it on Monday. Now even more worried that this may mean those nasty cells have spread already. But for now trying to hold on to the positive thought that hopefully as they saying goes “I caught it early”. I am finding it hard to tell people as I am usually the one giving support to others - and when it comes to me I find it difficult when people are kind if that makes sense. Guess I have had to be so strong for so long in my life that it’s time to get help for myself for once. It’s really helping already to be able to write on here and know that people out there are going through the same thing. Does anyone go to a support group and would you recommend this?? Love & hugs to all & hope to be able to feel strong enough to change the name from Scared1 soon xx

Hello Scared1

I found my lump on March 11th this year when I was about 1/2 way between mammograms. Because of my bathtime routine I know that my lump seemed to appear overnight and my consultant said that many women find this seems to be the case. I had my mx with reconstruction on April 18th and my cancer was also a grade 3 and HER2 positive which means it was fast growing. My lymph nodes were clear, and after my op I had 6 chemo sessions - 3 FEC and 3 Docetaxel, followed by 15 rads which I finished last week. I am on herceptin and next week with have my 6th dose of the 18 in total.

Mammograms are not fool-proof, and apparently more women find their lumps than the mammograms detect, so my message is to know your own body and don’t rely on your mammograms, as you have sadly discovered.

Try not to worry about your future treatment as it will only be after your cancer has been removed and analysed that your future treatment can be planned by your oncologist as we are individuals, and our cancers are too.

Take one day at a time, and even if chemo is part of your future treatment you will cope as I, and lots of others on this website, have coped. You will be offered the best treatment for you. Chemo is ‘doable’ so don’t be afraid, and speak to your BCN about your fears as they are there to get you through it, just like the rest of us here are.

As mgsm said, let’s hope that you change your name real soon as we all had your name of ‘scared1’ not so very long ago!

Try to stay positive and I am sure that everything will work out fine for you once you have had your op, and you know what your future treatment will, be instead of worrying about it.

Mazzalou x

Hello, I found out today that I also have BC type 3 hormone based. The cancer cell area is small 14mm and they think that the lymhs are not affected but can’t be sure until they have been investigated at surgery on 9th Jan. Everyone at the hospital was very supportive and I came away with lots of info etc. I know how you feel at the moment and my stomach will not settle down and I have a headache thinking about it all. But you know there are pleny of people out there and around you to give you support. We have to stay positive otherwise we will just get ourselves into a state and everyday will be hard. Chin up and fight - that’s what I’m saying to myself. My daughter said “we are going to kick it’s a–e”. Quite right!