Today is finally here for results!!!!

I go back to the hospital today to get my MRI results, just hoping that there is no more invasive cancer. They have said that no matter what the results are I will still need the same surgery, as there could be microscopic disease. Decisions will be made today on alot of things!

Wish me luck ladies.

Thank you.


everything crossed for you - best wishes

good luck hope you get the results you want xxx gaynor

Hope it goes well Stargazerlily. Warm hug. Adi x

good luck SGL! thinking of u, keep smilin! love alex xxx


SGL here’s hoping your results are the best. Come back and let us know


Good luck, SGL, and everyone else who’s getting results today.


thank you ladies. xxxx

Wishing you only the best of results today.

I’m not a big fan of MRI’s for this disease though. There’s still a lot of controversy over false positives and ‘spotting’ bits that would most likely be mopped up by radiotherapy and this leading to overtreatment. I had one which spotted another ‘highly suspicious’ area, and had to push for it to be biopsied (there are not a lot of health board areas who can do this yet), and it turned out to be non-invasive after all.


Still waiting!! appoitment was at 4.20!!!

Still waiting - god that’s awful, it’s bad enough as it is.

I remember the day I had to find out the biopsy results to see if it was cancer or not and they were 3 hours late!!! The BCN said that its because they dont know how people will react and how long they will need to discuss it. And I was thinking that the delay was because they were telling all the people with cancer first or something. It was agony, then I was angry with them for it taking so long as my family/friends knew when I was getting the results and were worrying and I knew they would be, couldnt’ get a signal in the hospital at all either to let them know I’d not been in!

i arrived for my 1.20 results appointment, supposed to be first in the afternoon, to be told the morning clinic had not finnished and there would be another hour before the afternoon appointments would start. People were offered pagers so that they could go to the local shops and cafe’s and would be beeped 15 mins before they were to be seen.

for some reason that did not apply to me. I was told to wait and was seen at 1.30.

At the previous appointment we were all told they were running late and kept giving updates on how far behind they were.

frustrating, but at least we were not in the dark, and could ring and text friends to let them know about the delay.

Hope things have gone well today SGL
thinking of you
xxx mon

Hope you had some positive news! xxx

Hope you didn’t have to wait too much longer to be seen! Also really hope the news was as good as could be. Thinking of you, Julie x

Thanks guys, well the MRI did not show up any more disease, but the histology has shown that there is defo cancer in the margins, she did say this could keep happening and there would be no choice but a full mastectomy. At the moment the decision is ultimately mine, but the consultant suggested going in again and seeing if they can get clear margins and if they can radiotherapy, but she cant guarantee there is not microscopic disease else where in the breast, so its really my decision what to do.

I am having my surgery on the 1st of July and then going back ten days after to discuss what has been found.

The surgeon is brilliant and really understanding of how I feel, and has told me in no uncertain terms that if I decide to go for a bilateral mastectomy at any time she will go along with my wishes and do that for, whether its a few months or a year down the line, so at least I feel I have time to think things through!

Hiya,finally got my results today,just wanted to share them with u ladies n if anyone has any info that would be much appreciated.Brief catch up i’m 32 had a mx & lymph nodes biopsy nearly 3 weeks ago Results today are all 4 nodes taken are clear, Grade 3 26mm ductal carcinoma oestrogen/progesterone+ with full clear margins because of mx.Treatment chemo,Herceptin and tamoxiflen (not sure if that spelling is right),just waiting 3-4 weeks to fully recover from my op then starting chemo.Im relieved about the nodes being clear,i’m still worried cos it was Grade 3 (aggressive) even though its gone from the mx dont know why!! and i’m terrified about starting my chemo and other treatment.Also whats your views on other healthy breast? because im thinking what are the chances of it returning in the healthy one and would mx on other side not be beneficial???
Sorry to go on but basically im terrified about everything

Locket, BRILLIANT news about your nodes, what a great relief! I didn’t have a mastectomy but am also Er+, Pr+ and HER2+, so have the same extra treatments as you, with the addition of radiotherapy.


SGL so glad that the MRI news is good. Your surgeon sounds brilliant. When I was DX I had 6 months of chemo before my surgery which gave me plenty of time to consider what surgery I would be happy with and like yours my surgeon agreed to go with my choice. No one can make that choice for you so take the time to be happy with what you decide.

Locket although I only had one breast and it’s nodes affected by cancer I opted to ask for a bi lateral MX. I am a much older lady than you ,and I knew that I would cope better being flat and even.I also opted for no recon because after 6 months of chemo and then surgery I felt that I had had enough and wanted to move on (because I was to have rads my surgeon would not do the MX and recon at the same time) The decision whether to have the healthy breast removed at this stage is yours to make. We all worry about the BC coming back would your worry be less If you opted for that surgery now.

Why don’t you talk it over with your BCN or the helpline here, but don’t make a snap decision ,be as sure as you can that you are making the right choice.

Take care


Great news on the MRI ! Sorry about the rest of it, theres so many tough decisions to make SGL.