Today my life changed

Today I was told I have cancer in my right breast, I have to go back for my biopsy results Xmas eve to see how far it is. Heads all over the place

Hi PJLady x
Sorry to hear your diagnosis I was where you are in early October this year. My advice is what I was told by all the fabulous ladies on here take each step at a time , dont think of the what ifs or the maybes as you will worry yourself sick and worrying doesnt fix anything it just makes you feel worse x if you have any questions call your BCN or the helpline from this site or macmillan x dont worry on your own talk to people in either real life so family ot your BCn or post on here unfortunatley there are lots of us around to answer. Its scary but if you deal with each test and result as it happens and dont start thinking ahead its a lot less so x

Take care
Jen x

Hugs to you pj lady. I was diagnosed on 30th Sept and have since had two ops and face chemo in January. If you had asked me this time last year whether I would be able to cope with all this I would have never believed I could. As Jenjen says take it one step at a time, cry and shout and scream when you need to. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel  and lean on them if you need to. I am a very independent person but I have realized that I need the support of friends and family to get me through this. This forum offers the most amazing support and I wouldn’t be where I am now and still standing without it. My heart goes out to you but you will get through. Lots of love Claire xxxx

Thanks ladies, I just totally wasn’t expecting this at all. I’m 29 with a 2 year old son who has additional needs & relies on me completely. Noticed a lump last Friday, went drs Monday, app today at breast clinic. I don’t know how to feel but I’m ready to fight this for my son.
Thank you for the advice & support
Paula xx

You’re very early on since finding a lump and being told, and you are going to be all over the place. Your head tends to fill in the gaps about what you don’t know, and you thoughts may well be on the pessimistic side but of course that is no help at all! Just try and accept that you are going to be scared and emotional quite a lot at first but it will get easier as you are told more and how they will treat you, it will become easier.


Keep coming here for support and advice and let us know how you get on on Christmas Eve.


Amanda x

So today my thinking is “Was the Dr wrong”?
I know deep down he wasn’t but I feel ‘normal’. I don’t feel ‘ill’, I have no ‘symptoms’. I keep hoping I’ll go for my results 24th & he’ll say it’s just an absess or something, denial is starting to set in I think!

Hello to all you ladies who have just been diagnosed.  I was diagnosed at the beginning of June this year and had two lumpectomies in June and July followed by 15 rads in September/October.  I want to reassure you all that however bad things seem at the beginning you will get through your treatment and feel normal again.  It just takes time. When I was at Christmas party last night I suddenly realised how lucky I had been that I had had a mamogram when I did and got treated so quickly.  At the time everything seems so rushed and it is so hard to get your head around it all as it seems so unreal.  I want to wish all you ladies the very best and hope that everyone’s treatment goes well and that you all make a speedy recovery. Eileen.x

Sending you (all) loads of love and positive thoughts. I was diagnosed in November, surgery in December and start chemo in January. I wish I had joined this forum at the beginning of my journey as I found I craved information, searching the Internet constantly. There’s such good advice and words of comfort on here for every step. I found the mind games the worst, always doubting that I’d heard right, planning ahead for things I didn’t even know yet would happen etc. I think that finally stopped when I got my results a week after surgery and was told my treatment plan. Fingers crossed that your news on Christmas Eve is good, and if you need to continue on this journey - we are all here to support you xx

I am deffo feeling wobbly today even as I try to hold onto the good vibes from everyone. I am angry and scared and helpless all at the same time. I am still waiting for final results before my plan is decided so my mind is running riot. I just want to be ok, but as this thread is called, my life has changed forever. :cry:

Evening ladies,
I don’t know what I’m thinking today!
People keep asking “are you ok” I always say yes I’m fine.
(I actually feel fine.)
Should I feel ill/pain??
My partner asked “can I touch your breast as normal”
I told him no it will fall off! Hahaha
He didn’t find it very funny.
So denial is still with me.
Sending you all love & strength
Paula xx

My standard reply is that I’m fine, and weirdly I do feel fine most of the time. But I have had a few days of emotional meltdown, which I hate having in front of friends and family. Don’t mind if it’s in front of a health professional! Today is day 14 after surgery (mastectomy and reconstruction) feeling fitter today, pottering around the house, cooking one handed! Still have drain in (coming out Christmas Eve :slight_smile: )

Ah just in time for Xmas Kim… fantastic!
What a brave strong lady you are, 2 weeks after going through one of the worst things you could your doing the everyday normal things!
You are amazing… remember that.
I hope I’m like you post op, I don’t suppose we get much of a choice & carrying on as normal keeps is going xx

If you can carry on as normal, it does help. But the important thing is just to do what you can and feel like when you can. Try never to feel you have to and never feel guilty that you haven’t done a thing. I spent the whole day in bed on Saturday!! Take care xx

Hi all.
Like Ali I am also waiting for results and subsequent next steps. Had surgery on 2nd December and my next appointment is 5th January. Hoping for clear margins and a clear treatment plan. This waiting is the worst trying very hard to put it to the back of my mind but still breaks through when I least expect it. I am focusing on having a good Christmas and New year with my family and I will deal with the rest when I know what it is. One day at a time I am trying to make my mantra.
Peace and fun during the coming festivities.
Hugs to us all!

Biopsy results day… I feel sick x

So results are in… right breast mastectomy with 6 months chemotherapy! It’s not right at any age but I’m 29 so still young.
I’ve opted not to have reconstruction straight away as I don’t want it to hold back the chemo.
Surgery booked for 12/1 then results of nodes & chemo can start.
For now ill try my best to forget about it for my son.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas
Paula xx

Sorry to hear that Paula, rubbish news (to say the least) to have on Christmas Eve. We’re all here to support you through it but try to have a really good Christmas for you and your son. This time next year we’ll be out the other end ready to have the best Christmas :slight_smile:
Lots of love to you xxx

I got some results today, lymph biopsy came back clear but of course this is just the nodes they could sample, next appointment is on the 30th so pleased I have something in the diary. Just want this thing out of me now. I am relieved you have a plan Pj and yes it’s not fair at all. It sucks effing big time. xxx

Thanks Nikki.
Waiting is the pits will be 5 weeks after my op before I get results and plan for next treatment. One of my greatest fears at the mo is if the margins were not clear and further surgery is required, mostly because I am starting to feel"normal" again and everything is healing well. I just dread having to go through it all again. There is also all the other news that comes with post surgery results as well of course but enough!
I will enjoy the festivities and spending time with my family. I will put it all out of my mind until 5th January. I will approach it all with a positive attitude and sense of humour. Well I will try ?.
Happy Christmas ladies.
Jan x

Pop :slight_smile: its in going through treatment , chemotherapy monthly threads

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