Today's Mail on Sunday

Today’s Mail on Sunday

Today’s Mail on Sunday Hi

Has anyone read today’s Mail on Sunday.? In the You magazine was an interesting article about a young (46) oncologist who was diagnosed with breast cancer. For once I thought that the article was well balanced and more real life than most. She raises some important issues and now sees her patients in a different light. If you get a chance it’s worth a read.


Hi Becks I have not seen that article but will certainly have a look at it when I log off this site

I did read in the MOS in the letters page a letter from a lady saying it took 5 weeks from diagnosis to getting the all clear. I am obviously delighted for this lady but concerned that this gives the wrong message to people that BC is something that you can be cured from in a few weeks - why then do we have to endure chemo and rads and then tamoxifen/herceptin etc?

Sorry just having a bit of a rant as this letter really got to me this morning


Strangly enough Lesley, another article about Kylie beating bc has p…sed me off enough to write something in the online comments on their website to that effect.

It’s being reviewed before being allowed. Wonder whether it will be put online. Maybe some more of us can submit our feelings on this.


(PS. Couldn’t find the article in question, but got diverted by this anyway!)

Thought it was good HI Becks

I read this article yesterday and thought it was really good.

I was struck by how she said that she felt “like a lump of meat” and I could empathise with the struggling to find a parking space, wandering around a labyrinth of corridors whilst in a state of panic for an appointment… Sure we can all relate to that.

All Clear articles annoy me too. In fact one of my Dad’s friends phoned the other day and asked how I was and said it was good that I had had the “all clear”. I set them right. I used to just nod or smile but now I think people should now that we have to live with the fear hanging over us and it’s about time this “all-clear” myth was dispelled.


bjj xx

DCIS Sydney, The woman in the MOS must have had DCIS, which is when the cancer has not moved out of the original lump, and so therefore can be just removed without any radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
It was wrong for her to say that she is now “all clear”, especially as she was not dxed very long ago, and so the cancer could return after a few years.

David S

mail on sunday i read the article and thought it was excellent, that she now knows how we all feel when she is treating patients. i also read about the look good feel better days and am considering going on one in the new year after my 2nd op (mast) and chemo.