Today's Sunday Times

There is an article about ladies who’ve had reconstructive surgery in the Norfolk area in todays Sunday Times, to publicise a book coming out soon by a female surgeon called Sassoon. The photos are fantastic, you’d never know they were reconstructions. What struck me was the young age of some of the women. I wonder why BC is hitting more women at a younger age and with more frequency (up 50% overall - not just for younger women - in the last 20 years, which is scary).

I had a lumpectomy and didn’t need recon. but seeing this article has made me much less frightened of it if I ever did have the misfortune to need it.

Which bit and what page. Hubby gets the times today. Help so I dont have to trawl through it…

Found it!! In the mag


I was lucky enough to have Elaine Sasoon perform my immediate plus delayed recon and all I can say is she is fantastic. She was just in the process of launching this book when i was with her, and her publisher had told her that no one would be interested…huh!
I have only the highest regard for her - although she is a bit of a maverick! and love what she is doing to promote the whole image of reconstruction.
There are a lot of younger women out there with BC now. My husband just passed my contact details onto a friend at work whose 26year old daughter has just been diagnosed… how lucky I feel to have not have to face the whole bucketload of misery until I had led a busy and fulfilling life. I am only 47 now, but compared to her…
Bloody disease…
Anyway - The Boudicca Within is a beautiful and inspiring book:)

Great article … so inspiring to see those ladies looking sexy and not just see pictures of breast recons. Notice that there was no LD Flap recon though.

Hi, I read it coming home from wales today, perfect timing as Ive been in 2 minds as to whether to have recon or not on the 30th Nov after my mast, very encouraging, its always good to see real photos or someone ‘live’, Sue yor daughter was lucky to see her nurses recon.

It was a great article- a must see for us .

Julie xx