told 2 different things by 2 surgeons!?


I am greatly confused and looking for some help. I have a thickening and a lump above my right nipple. I have had 3 ultrasounds, and they are all clear. I saw a breast surgeon/specialst who, after feeling me breast, and sending me for the (3rd) ultrasound, I did not hear back from (the radiologist told me it looked fine. I was having such sever anxiety, that i called the surgeon back and left a message saying can i please have a biopsy or mri. She called me back and said she had scheduled me for a lumpectomy.

I was confused that she would schedule me for an invasive surgery after not calling me for 2 weeks, and only after i called her, and without first doing a biopsy or being able to see the lump on imaging.

so i went to another specialist (who was actually trained by the first one, both of whom are world renowened) and she told me she thinks the lumpectomy is drastic without first having an mri, then needle biopsy.

so i don’t know what to do. friday is my appt. for the lumpectomy, but im scared because the lump is so high up my ches, it will leave it disfigured, and i havent even had a biopsy yet. should i cancel the surgery and wait a month to get the mri (it has to be at a certain time during my cycle)?

any advice would be greatly aprreciated…

Hi Michelle, I can understand why you are so confused & it doesn’t sound to me like you are getting much support from anyone ! I think if you feel that uncomfortable about having the lumpectomy (especially so soon) you have every right to postpone it, after all it’s your body. I think it would be a good idea to go to your GP & express your concerns & he/she may be able to clarify things.
Sometimes I think specialists would prefer to remove any kind of lump or swelling in the breast as even the most benign can become cancerous in the future, so they carry out the op, more as a matter of precaution. Having said that, as I said before, I think if I were in your shoes right now, I would postpone the op & find out exactly what their reasons are for doing the lumpectomy. It’s entirely up to you & I wish all the best xx

thank you so much for your response! i appreciate your feedback. I tried to call the doc whose performing the lumpectomy, so hopefully she’ll call me back. I just need her to clarify why shes choosing to do this instead of a core needle biopsy. also, the lump is so high up on my chest, if i don’t need to have a big scar, i would prefer not to,unless its very necessary.

Hi Michelle

I agree with Lezhop. Given your situation I would want to know why I was being sent for lumpectomy (as you say, potentially disfiguring)without a biopsy or a face to face discussion about findings and options. I would be thinking about postponing if I was in this situation, and I would also see my GP so I had another person involved.

It could be that your surgeon is just really bad at communicating with people. She might be satisfied that the lumpectomy is exactly the right thing, and because she is world renowned is carried away with her own brilliance. :slight_smile: It doesn’t matter how good she is, she has a duty to you to be there for you and to discuss things, not stick you on a conveyor belt. I’m being a bit harsh there, but you get my drift.

Be happy that your treatment is right for you. It’s your body first, their job second, not the other way around.

Best of luck

thanks so much. i tend to not be very assertive in medical situations, so these words of encouargement are very reassuring. im still waiting for her to call me back, as the scheduled surgeries is tomorrow, so if she doesn’t i think i will just go to the appt, and tell her there that i would prefer a needle biopsy. but thanks for your help. i have to remember that shes working for me.

Good for you. Calm, assertive. Question, listen, question. You’ll do fine. Let us know what happens. :slight_smile:


I think im going to go insane!

okay, so my doc called me back today and said, “you were right, your ultrasound was clear. in this case, you just need to come back in 3 months to recheck”

i said, “so no surgery tomorrow?” and she said, “no surgery is necessary unless you have a discreet lump” i told her i did and she says she doesnt remember it being a discrete lump. i asked if i could have a needle biopsy, and she said in order to have a needle biopsy, you must be able to see something on the imaging because otherwise, “how will you know where to take the biopsy?”

i said, well, you will know where to take it because you can feel the lump…you can hold it in your hand. to which she replied, in that case, you need to have it surgically removed! so she was leaving it up to my discretion as to if i thought it should be removed…?

i got off the phone with her more confused than ever and i guess im not going in for surgery tomorrow. so i guess im going to go with another doctor who told me to wait a month and have an mri…but that means waiting a whole month. i keep on feeling like im about to get answers, and then it just seems like they get further and further away :frowning:

this is the 5th doc i’ve seen, and i discovered this lump 2 months ago, and i still have no idea what it is. anyway, sorry to rant, im just stressed at the idea of waiting so long again.


Morning Michelle.

So far it sounds like the absolute best thing is that you’re going with the other doctor. A doctor that scheduled you for a lumpectomy then says there’s no lump is not the doctor you want.

Remember, most lumps are nothing to worry about. As for answers, this is one big waiting game. The waiting gets us all, every time. If you can, try and stay relaxed and just focus on your normal day. The time will pass. I absolutely know it’s not easy, but try anyway. :slight_smile: