Told 95% its cancer at ultrasound

Hello there, I recently went for my first mammogram a couple of weeks after turning 50. I have no lump and had no reason to suspect anything was wrong. I believe my elder sister was diagnosed with BC one year ago but as we are estranged I have no information on her condition. The mammogram was okay, they did 2 on each breast but then the radiologist hastily requested 2 more images. I immediately went into the adjacent room for an ultrasound with the radiologist. Before he did anything he told me he’d found an abnormality. 30 seconds later he was nodding, with a sad look on his face and said to me ‘it’s very small only 3mm’. I was not sure what he was telling me so I asked if he was telling me I had cancer and he said he was 95% sure. I am going for a biopsy in 2 days and am nervous simply because both my breasts have been terribly sore and painful since the mammogram, did anybody else experience this? I’m not relishing the thought of needles being stuck into my very sore breasts. I was really shocked to be told 95% sure its cancer but having read up on the Birad grading system I can understand that this is not a figure he has plucked out of the air but probably means he has graded me a 5 which does indeed mean 95% chance of cancer. I have read a lot of posts on here and elsewhere and have yet to find anyone with such a tiny 3mm lump. It seems that most people have a 2 or 3 cm lump. I am telling myself that 3mm is tiny, the size of a grain of rice… Surely it must be extremely early if it is cancer. Has anyone had breast cancer diagnosed from a small 3mm lump? I have been feeling really anxious about it all. Thanks for reading. Xx

My cancer was diagnosed from my first mammogram, it was initially diagnosed as DCIS but then after mastectomy I was told they had found a 3mm invasive cancer. As you say it is very tiny and it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes. I am on tamoxifen for 5 years but didn’t need chemo or radiotherapy . Hope all goes well for you. Xx

Hi Jasmine


I went for a mammogram as could feel a lump. I have numerous cysts in both breasts so half expected a drainage. After my mammogram I went for an ultrasound and was told there and then I had breast cancer. I had 3 biopsies there and then and a coil inserted into my tumor. I have mixed lobular and ductal cancer . It was 47mm . I have just had my 3rd chemo of 6 and my tumor is now 21mm. I have an operation and poss radio yet. 


3mm is tiny and you are very lucky it has been picked up . Reading some of the mis-diagnosed posts on here are unsettling. My biopsies didn’t hurt a bit if that helps , just bruised and sore for a couple of days afterwards.


Hang on in there and try and take each day at a time . I know it’s easier said than done but just focus on each stage entirely on its own. Apart from ths forum I stay away from the internet completely . This forum and the ladies on it have been wonderful. I joined the August thread as my first chemo was August 27th . Please keep us posted xxxxxxx




I also had a tiny 4mm area, mine wasn’t picked up on any imaging though so you were very lucky that yours was, mine was found by sheer accident while I was having a fibrodenema biopsied and they picked up some cells on the edge of it and it wasn’t until they removed and tested it they found just a 4mm cluster of grade 1 cells which so easily could have been missed so I feel very fortunate Xx 

Hi Jasmine


I think you will need to wait for the results from the biopsy.  My radiologist was non committal in that he said the biopsy will confirm whether or not I had cancer and what type. There are 10 different breast cancers! From experience, they probably have a good idea but it is the histology which will confirm whether you have it or not.  


The biopsy procedure is very quick…some find it more unpleasant than others.  I didn’t look and that helped me!


You will be in good hands and they will be honest and upfront with you.  The worst part is not knowing where your journey is going to start and end but you will know soon enough.  With very best wishes and hope it goes well!





Thank you for your replies. I had my core biopsy this morning and it did not hurt really just a bit of pressure where he pressed down but I was expecting this due to still having sore breasts from the mammogram last week. He took 5 samples but as it is miniscule he said he is not certain to have hit the correct 3mm area. The doc said regardless of what the result is I will still have to have an operation to remove it. I feel less anxious now and whatever the result is I will handle it with positivity. Thanks again for your replies it is so reassuring to know there are people out there. Love Jasmine x