Told benign so why did I need biopsy

hi everyone, I had a referral to breast clinic which I attended yesterday. The thickening my doc had been concerned about was fine but mammogram showed up a solid lump, the doctor who did the ultra sound told me about the mammogram findings and said its a 20mm solid lump so they needed to do a core biopsy,vehicular she did then and there. When she had removed the three samples she said it looked good and felt that it was most likely benign but I would need to wait for results to be sure. Straight after that I had a clinic appointment , that doctor said we think it’s a fibroadenoma ( didn’t realise I could get that at age 42) but that it was definately not cancer. So now I am confused, if definately not cancer why did they need to do a biopsy? My husband is over the moon but I feel slightly reserved and a bit confused

Hi Taylor72 and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you are still concerned following your appointment yesterday, along with the support and shared experiences you will find here our helpliners are on hand for you.  Please call on 0808 800 6000 to talk your concerns through, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays 

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Lucy BCC

Hi Taylor,


I’m not any sort of expert but what I recon is that dire to their training and experience, their instincts are telling them it not cancerous but just to be absolutely sure, they have taken the biopsy for closer examination. When are your results due?


I have a 6 - 10mm lump, they took one biopsy and wouldn’t speculate on what it might be. Results due on Tuesday 11th, as long as summer holidays don’t slow up the path lab…waiting is very tense!



i havent been given a follow up appointment yet but i remember the doctor saying she would see me next week so hopefully i will get a phone call or letter through the post, i think you are right, the biopsy is precautionary, still be glad when results back up what she said