Tomotherapyfor Liver mets

Does anyone know much about this? I have several liver mets and currently on Xeloda and Denosumab (have bone mets too). Am considering asking Onc if I am suitable for Tomotherapy, but can’t really find much about it…
any advice?

Hi Charlotte,

I am sure some of your fellow forum users will be along soon with their knowledge and support, but you might like to give our helpline a ring, they may be able to point you in the right direction for information. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Charlotte,
I’m replying to keep your question visible. I’ve not heard of it, but have liver mets too and would be interested. Good luck.

I think a lot depends on the number and size of mets, but if you are interested would certainly be worth talking to your Onc. I know that different types of tomtherapy also have different funding issues so that might come into play too. Good luck, let us know how you get on

Charlie, Tomotherapy is a type of machine that delivers image guided Intensity Modulated radiotherapy (and with adaptation Tomotherapy can also deliver stereotactic radiotherapy). Accuray are the manufacturers of both Cyberknife stereotactic radiotherapy machines and Tomotherapy IMRT machines. Both deliver radiotherapy in a highly precise way, and this enables areas that were previously difficult to treat with conventional radiotherapy treatable(such as the liver) . The advantage of Tomotherapy over Cyberknife, is that it can treat more and bigger metastases. Cyberknife is usually only used to treat up to 5 mets, and these should measure less than 3.5 cm , while Tomotherapy can treat more and bigger mets. Cyberknife is considered slightly more precise than Tomotherapy, because it has a tumour tracking system, which allows the machine to make adjustments during treatment. However,Tomotherapy is still highly accurate.

I don’t know of many people on here who have experience of Tomotherapy (although several, including myself, have had Cyberknife), so I’m proviiding a link below, to Accuray’s Tomotherapy website, which provides quite a bit of information about Tomotherapy to both medical professionals and patients. They also provide a list of Hospitals who proviide Tomotherapy.
There is though, as Julie points out, an issue with the postcode lottery as far as funding for treatment is concerned, for both Cyberknife and Tomotherapy.
Hope this helps and good luck.

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