Tonight's Live Chat

Hi All

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel tonight’s live chat due to technical difficulties experienced by Izzy and Abbey.

Apologies to all.

Kind regards.



We’re really sorry about last night’s Live Chat, which couldn’t go ahead due to a technical fault. We think we’ve sorted it out (fingers crossed) so today’s daytime Live Chat will go ahead as scheduled. Please do join it if you can.

Apologies again, I know the Live Chat service has been having quite a lot of technical difficulties. We are looking at a new system, which we will launch once we know it works properly.

Best wishes


Thought it was just me last night til I read this post, then forgot about daytime one today til now and realised I’ve missed it cos I was having lunch! Hey-ho.

Hope everyone normally on 2ndry chat is coping ok with things. I’ll be missing next week as am off to sister’s in London but hope to be back the following Tues.

Love to all, Liz