Tooth extraction while on Zometa

Tiddley, Did you just speak to the secretary of your Consutant? If so I woud contact the secretary again and tell her you would like your Consultant to call you back to discuss it when she is free to do so! . The secretary cannot possibly know everything about the problem of tooth extraction but the Consultant should know and if she doesn’t I wouldn’t be fobbed off with the junior doctor. You need answers. A proper discussion. This is seroius. If she will not phone you make an appointment to see her instead!
The maxia surgeon will know about the problem with the tooth extraction and being on Biphosponates as they specialise in this area. If you did phone him HE may well want to speak to your Consultant before he goes ahead with the procedure. I am not trying to frighten you as I told you I have had no problems since I had my extraction but my Consutant was quite adamant that the procedure would NOT go ahead until she said so. I would want to get rid of the infection first too. My daughter is a dental nurse so this is what she advised me in the past.
Hope you get some proper answers soon. Let us know how you get on as it will be interesting to hear what happens. Do not be scared as these dental specialists are well schooled in their field of work. Val

Thanks for your help Val.

I’m going to try the round of phonecalls again on monday now. Will keep you posted.