Totally terrified, please help

My breasts in general but especially nipple has been itching on and off for months, with the odd shooting pain, the whole breasts feel very hot. Over the last few monthes the skin in my nipple seems to be thicker when the nipple is erect and the nipple doesn’t want to stick out like it used to. I checked for lumps and there were none and because I am generally unwell with nerve damage in my back and severe m.e. I just ignored this and put it down to more weird m.e. symptoms.
Last night I noticed my nipple was not just thick but swollen and almost felt like plastic. It’s totally normal when not erect. I spoke to a friend who said I should check it out and go to the GP ASAP. After she left I looked at the size of my boobs and they have always been very big but now one is probably double the other, I am pretty much bed bound and rarely am able to get dressed and put a bra on and so am rarely in a position to look at my breast stood up. The skin on the area around the nipple is even more plastic looking and feeling, I’m not describing it well but it’s very puckered, very leathery the pores are enlarged, It’s also very itchy and swollen. The rest of the breast is fine it’s only the areola and the breast being much much bigger than before.
Being a Friday evening I made the mistake of looking online and when inflammatory breast cancer repeatedly came up I was physically sick.
I am not normally someone who panics, I don’t go to the Drs more than once or twice a year but reading about this horrible disease I had a complete panic attack, please could someone reassure me that it could be something less scary. I am 44 and at the moment can’t stop shaking feel sick and am generally behaving like a 4 year old but I just can’t shake the feeling thaton etching is really really wrong.
Sorry for being such a total head case and my heartfelt thanks to anybody who takes pity on me and responds! Xxx

Dear Jo2797

I’m sorry you are feeling so scared.  Do give our Helpline a call in the morning to talk this over.  They’ll be able to give you some practical information as well as emotional support.  The opening times are 10-2 on Saturdays and 9-5 on weekdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000.

In the meantime I’m sure other members will be along to offer you some support.

Take care


BCC Moderator

Get to your GP pronto - this is an emergency because you are frantic with worry. That said, heat, swelling and itchiness are symptoms of infection NOT  breast cancer, and you need your mind putting at rest as soon as possible. And please please do NOT GOOGLE because there is so much rubbish out there, stick to this website - don’t scare yourself unnecessarily.

We are all here to support you whatever is the outcome, so come here for a RANT, a weep, whatever you need.



Thank you, am trying to stay calm, will definitely call the helpline as soon as they are open.