Totally terrified!

Hi I’m new, you girls are great and have made me feel a whole lot better!

Found a little hard lump and some thickening in my right breast on Tuesday (I am 35 years old), I’m now off to get get x-rays, scans etc, etc tomorrow on gp’s recommendation.

I am totally terrified, I am practically planning my own funeral. I am putting on a brave face for my OH but I also have a doctor/hospital/needle phobia. It was 10 years since I last went to GP because I find it too frightening! I am just trying to hold things together right now, but feel a massive panic attack coming on.

I am an adoptee so have no idea of my family history - but my adoptive mum died of lung cancer which was secondary to breast cancer when I was 16 - that was when I became afraid of hospitals/doctors. I am so scared but acting normal for everyone - but I really just want to curl up in the duvet and hide.

If it wasn’t for my OH I would just go to work tomorrow and miss the appointment, not because I’m scared of what they will say…but because I’m scared of doctors.

Can anyone give me any words of encouragement? xxx

Hi jesspot,

you are doing the best thing going to the doctor i know its hard i have a needle phobia and a few years ago i had a blood clot in my lung and for six weeks i had to have a injection every day and now if i have and op i have to have injections every day for six weeks after. i know it very hard but you will have a lot of support here we can`t come with you but will be thinking of you and sending you the best of luck with it all. just try deep breathing and try to focus on why you are there. send you lots of best wishes. hope it goes well keep in touch.

Tracy x x

Hi Jesspot,

just wanted to say I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope it all goes ok for you. Make sure you tell them on arrival of your phobia as they will then know how scared you are and will help you - and dont go alone - take the OH, a relative or friend for support and to take notes for you as you will probably be unable to take everything in if you are really stressed out and scared. You have done the right thing in going to your GP and posting on here so well done!
Good luck and let us know how it went.
Clarabelle x

Hi Jesspot
hope you got the news you were hoping for today. Please let us know. fingers crossed for you
deb x