I went to my Oncologist was given the information that I needed to take Tamoxifen and have 3 weeks of Radiotherapy, he explained why even though the lump and node was clear, I thought I was ok with that, until I came on here!
So many horry stories re side effects and different manufactures of drugs, I was unaware of this beforehand. Also I was only told I had a small lump and it had to be and was removed and was clear. I now read on here about receptors + and - with and without numbers, whats all that about? Who gives you this information, I surely haven’t been given any?
Also, how do you find out what type of cancer it was? I wasn’t told what it was called, all I tell people when they ask is ‘I have no idea?’ They seem to have more idea that I do…
There are also too much information about the bad things that happen, if I hadn’t come on here I would have just found them out for myself, but I am sure I wouldn’t worry other people by writing ‘well that didn’t happen to me, I was fine!’ or ‘make sure you don’t take this one because it will cause … etc’
I know people like to share things with others, but shouldn’t we be helping each other to get through all this pain and heartache and not frighten them to death?
I am sure some people are not going to be happy with this post, but this is how I am feeling and I have not even started my treatment yet, got that to look forward to in a couple of weeks!
Good luck everyone x

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Jo, Facilitator

hi totallyconfused mine to was only a small lump had wle and nodes was clear grade2 just finished 17 rads i was told all about what type of cancer i had by my consultant also had a letter sent to me to take to my doctor tellin me what type my cancer was idc invasive ductal and told about receptors u can ask ur bcn or ur oncologist i to am on tamoxfen but i find this site very helpfull no what to expect when i had my rads and and tamoxfen and what se u can get which i thought was good to know and there are diffrent manufactures of tamoxfen some seem to be better for some people than orthers good luck x