Tough decisions

Hello all,
Quick run down; stage 3 with LN involvement at 26y. Surgery, chemo, rads, zoladex and now tamoxifen. Just wondered if anyone had come off tamoxifen early to try and conceive? Iv been on it 2 years now and my recent AMH was <2. I v been told to been on it for at least 5 yrs by one person (but cant help but think it will be even lower by then) and that after 2 yrs it is o.k. to stop and try by someone else (both health professionals). I’m confused at not sure what to do.

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While you are waiting for other members to respond to your post, I thought our booklet on fertility issues might be of some use.    Here’s the link:

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Hi Catty, my Dr told me I could stop and start pretty much as and when I wanted to have kids, he used the example of stopping after two years having a year break for a baby then taking the next three years after that. Hope this helps x